OCT 2021

Since 2010, we have collectively generated more than $4.3 million for artists and venues in the Hollywood neighborhood. Thank you for being part of our Fringe world! 

We depend on sponsors, partners, donors, and volunteers to help us continue our work in the community and grow our programs. You can learn more about all the great organizations we work with down below. 

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This year more than ever, it took the efforts of so many people and organizations to make this Fringe possible. We couldn’t have done it without every sponsor and partner. Thank you for continuing to support the Fringe community. 


Thank You to All our Grantees, Sponsors, & Partners


National Endowment of the Arts (NEA), Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Gather, The Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI), NoHo Arts District, RespectAbility, Calling Up Justice, The League of Experiential and Immersive Artists (LEIA), World Fringe Alliance, World Fringe Network, United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF), The Broadwater Plunge, The Complex Hollywood, as well as all the many theaters that make up Hollywood Fringe. 

Thank you to all the businesses that participate in our Hot Spot program: Brasil Kiss Coffeebar, Bungalow 40, Eat This Cafe, Jesse Boy, St. Felix, The Broadwater Plunge, and Thymele Arts.

Thank you for supporting art, for supporting community, and for helping us bring theatre back. 

Because of you, we Fringe On! 


SEP 2021

Through an international exchange partnership with the Gothenburg Fringe Festival, we are proud to announce that Dirty Chai is the inaugural recipient of the Fringe Abroad Award. 

This new exchange program celebrates the art that connects us globally and the reach this new digital medium can provide our participants and audience.  

This year we welcomed a show from the Gothenburg Fringe program to our festival screens and they chose Dirty Chai from the Hollywood Fringe to join their festival’s Digital Day’s program, September 4-7. 

How to Watch

You can experience Dirty Chai digitally or in person this Sunday, September 5th, at 12 pm PT. 

If you are local to Hollywood, you can be a part of their in-person audience by purchasing tickets here.  

Or you can buy tickets to their livestream through The Gothenburg Fringe Festival’s Digital Days Program here

About Dirty Chai 

DIRTY CHAI, a hip hop Bollywood musical, is a colorful & crazy dramedy, full of heart!

Chai’s parents have promised her to a nice Indian boy, and the wedding is in ten days. With her back against the wall, not yet ready to give in to this assault on her freedoms, Chai leaves home but unexpectedly falls in love with a charming & mysterious stranger, making a powder keg out of an already complicated situation. Chai finds forbidden love with a fearless American girl, Ronnie, and is trapped between upholding her family’s traditions or following her heart, which goes against everything she’s been taught.

Chai is a messy concoction of two very different cultures, two conflicting identities, and two opposing desires, just like the dirty chai she orders each morning- a perfect brew of espresso and chai (tea). 

Filled with excitement and sarcasm, DIRTY CHAI challenges the walls of formality, fear, and judgment that separate people. Every cause has an effect in this intricately interwoven dramedy about human lives, embracing family, and the chaos of falling in love. 

The Gothenburg Fringe Festival

The Gothenburg Fringe Festival is an explosion of creativity. Cutting-edge performance art comes to life in unique and unexpected venues across the city. September will mark the festival’s sixth year presenting uncensored performance art that stimulates, educates, and entertains. Check out the Gothenburg Fringe’s Digital Day’s full program running September 4-7. 



AUG 2021

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for being a part of the 11th Annual Hollywood Fringe

Community Awards (“The Freaks”)
Sponsored Awards

The Spare Tire Award Sponsored by Flat Tire Theatre Company
~ A Night at the Chicano Rock Opera (A Modern Day Operetta)
~ Black Woman in Deep Water
WINNER ~ Dirty Chai
~ A Love Song

Solo Splash Award Sponsored by Namba Performing Arts Space, Inc
~ La Divina: The Last Interview of Maria Callas
WINNER ~ Black Woman in Deep Water
Encore Producers Award
Black Woman in Deep Water
Dirty Chai
The Ivory Thread
Mayhem of the Music Meister!
Queer: Drag, Drugs, and a Tick Tock Clock.
Authenticity: the Musical
Nature Vs.
Once Upon A Tango
I Hear So Extremely Loud
(It’s Been 76 Years and We’re) Still Waiting for Lefty 
She Stoops to Scandal
A Night at the Chicano Opera
The Big Crash
The Layers of Tom Lehrer
Junk Girls
The Sleepover
1.5 Koreans 
A Love Song
Caminos: A Mother’s Journey
Confessions of a Former Boy Detective
Funny Bonz, the Humerus Solution
Gideon and the Blundersnorp
Happily Ever After
HOT! :(
Ikigai: A Purpose for Living
Japanese Pop culture showcase
Lies, Anger and Forgiveness
Lockdown Love Story
Now, Now, Now . . . A Livestream Show!
Postcards from a Bench
Pulse of the City
Reichstag is Burning
The Easter Bunny
TOSHANISHA – The New Normals

Best Of Broadwater Award
Caught In The Mix
Deconstructing Holly
I Heart Maroc
Estrawberry Fields Forever
I’m Fine
The Book That Won’t Close – Confessions of a Love Addict
Naturally Tan
The Dean’s Office


AUG 2021
Voting for the HFF21 Fringe Freak Awards begins this Friday, August 27th.
Here is what is required to take part in celebrating the amazing productions at this year’s festival.

In order to vote for the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival community awards, lovingly referred to as the Fringe Freaks, you must meet at least one of the following qualifications:
  • You are on a participant team
  • You are a venue manager
  • You have seen at least three Fringe shows
  • You have posted multiple show reviews
Cast your ballots, then join us for the Digital Fringe Awards Ceremony on August 29th from 6:00 – 8:00pm PT in Fringe Central to see who will take home the top awards of HFF21! Click here to join in, and remember, our virtual doors open for everyone at 6pm. If you click the link before then, the space will be locked.
Keep an eye out for a How To video on best viewing tips and how to accept an award if your show wins!


AUG 2021

Welcome to your digital Fringe home. There are so many ways to take advantage of this platform both professionally and socially. This is your space to be in Fringe community.

Use Fringe Central to your professional benefit, you can use it to market your show, leave a digital poster, swap comps with other shows, connect with fellow fringers to cross-promote with, or hop in before your show to fill those remaining seats. 

Socialize! This festival is more than just a collection of shows, it’s a community. Get to know your fellow participants, invite your audience to meet you after your show, plan a cast party or meeting, throw a fringe reunion! No rent or reservation needed. Use Fringe Central to build friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Festival staff will always be available at Fringe Central to answer questions and provide support as we adventure through our first hybrid Fringe. 

Join us during operating hours Wednesday- Sunday 6 pm-10 pm here:https://grape.link/Hollywood

Want to get an idea of what to expect? Check out this video or check out this blog all about using the space. You will be a pro in 15 minutes. 

A little History of what Fringe Central means to the Hollywood Fringe

Think of this as your space We have had many Fringe Central locations over the past 12 years; we have taken over an alley behind a theatre, set up giant tents in parking lots, set up shop in furniture warehouses, nightclubs, and art galleries. Each location holds memories specific to the community that came together that year. If these walls could talk, they would tell stories of friendship, art, support, and celebration. These buildings each held something tangible that changed the lives of many who chose to enter. 

The community continues with or without physical walls, and we proved that the year we didn’t have a Fringe Central, and will continue to prove that as we come together now from our many locations around the world. 

This year’s digital Fringe Central celebrates a community that shares its passion for art and story. It celebrates success and artistic risk and this community’s ability to connect even at a time when connection seemed unobtainable. In our digital space, we tip our virtual hat to the walls that watched us grow, held our parties, witnessed life-changing moments, and created a haven for art to be taken to the next level.  

This year’s digital home is a visual history, our love letter to the most recognizable Fringe walls of years gone by. 

The Fringe Tent.

Talk about a circus-inspired Fringe! In Both 2011 and 2014, we set up giant tents in parking lots, a different parking lot each year that both happen to be animal hospitals now. It was messy- porta-potties, no air conditioning, and overnight security, but the fringe spirit was tangible. 

The Furniture Warehouse.

This location was our social hub in both 2012 and 2013 and is now a paint store! It had major loft vibes, and after lugging cumbersome antique furniture upstairs for days, it was turned into a Fringe haven. Through dollar store decorations and lights, this space became a home for all. 

The Dragonfly.

We spent three summers in this famous Hollywood club. In 2015, 2016, and 2017, brilliant designer David Offner made magic out of blank walls with three inspired designs that changed the space into a new world each year for Fringe. 

And, of course, a constant every year at HFF: Bryan’s Bar. 

This cherished Fringe bar has lived in every Fringe Central since 2011, named after co-founder and friend Bryan Burgess whose memory lives on in the joy, laughter, and fierce love that this community provides all who need it. Bryan’s Bar brings people together every Fringe just as he always did. PBR recommended but not required.

Join us this year in our digital Fringe Central powered by Gather and make your own memories. Dive into the Fringe community during operating hours by clicking here!