Drama · dacy productions llc. · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

This play explores the nuances of being on a team or involved in an activity from a young age. Many young adults hold their extra curricular to a high regard, and can often get lost in the activity and feel like it is their sole identity. There are also elements of sisterhood/brotherhood that come along with being on a team. But, what happens when you dedicate your life to a sport/activity and don’t ever reach the top? What does it cost a young adult to have to give up on that dream? What happens when you work all your life to be good at something, and you’re still not as good as someone who’s talent comes naturally? Elements of symmetry, adolescent emotions, and envy will be explored throughout this complex coming of age story.

Production Team

cheyenne washington 

director/executive producer

yrma washington 

executive producer

indeya dynice  

producer/ actor

* Fringe Veteran