At the Hollywood Fringe Festival, artists are at the center of the community. We believe artists have the power to change the world with their stories and voices, which is why we want the work of our participants to go beyond our festival and community, and reach/make an impact on wider audiences and communities. The Discover Fringe program seeks to connect participating artists with members of the international theatre, film and television industries to take their shows beyond the Hollywood Fringe Festival stages. 

Who should become a Discover Fringe Delegate?

If you’re a professional in the arts and culture or entertainment industry and you are interested in meeting Hollywood Fringe participants and community members, this program is for you! Discover Fringe Delegates will receive networking opportunities with HFF artists and community members, a dedicated “concierge” service to navigate the festival, discounted or free access to various Fringe shows, VIP access at Fringe events, the opportunity to sponsor a Discover Fringe Award, and a fully curated experience at the festival.

What’s in it for Fringe artists?

We want all of our participants to meet arts industry professionals and take their shows beyond the Hollywood Fringe Festival stages. You’ll have the opportunity to network with Discover Fringe Delegates, apply for Discover Fringe Awards, and build lasting connections that go beyond the festival.

About the Discover Fringe Awards

As part of this program, Discover Fringe Delegates will have the opportunity to present a Discover Fringe Award if interested. More information on Discover Fringe Awards can be found here! 

Applying for the Discover Fringe program as an industry member 

Thank you for your interest in the HFF23 Discover Fringe Program! We're looking for arts industry professionals who are interested in engaging with the Hollywood Fringe community and have the capacity to provide collaborative/professional/programming opportunities to Fringe artists. These opportunities can be direct offerings, or something you can't immediately provide but could have the capacity to in the near future.

Please fill out the form here to apply for the program. A member of the Fringe staff will review applications as they are received, and we will send approvals/questions directly via email.

Terms of Use: Hollywood Fringe reserves the right to revoke Discover Fringe credentials at any time, without warning. Please look at the Hollywood Fringe Code of Conduct & Ethos, which you are signing on to uphold when participating in this program. When requesting comp tickets, please try to be communicative with artists regarding your potential offerings. Comp tickets are granted at the discretion of each show’s respective production team. Many productions may ask you to limit guests, particularly if finances and/or house sizes are limited. If you receive a comp ticket, and are unable to attend, please email the production within 24 hours of the performance so they may sell the ticket at the door.