Better off with You

Musicals & Operas · ashley obinwanne, parker lemal-brown, and erika ito · Ages 10+ · United States of America

world premiere

In this musical comedy, two adult siblings push the responsibility of caring for their aging mother onto each other— before realizing that she has plans of her own.

Phoenix is a depressed children’s book author whose long-time girlfriend recently dumped her. Noah is a gambling-addicted, furniture salesman whose homelife is in shambles. The last thing this brother and sister pair want to do is take care of someone else. When they get the call that their mother nearly burned down their childhood home, they make the trip from LA to San Bernardino to check on her, all the while hoping that she isn’t losing her mind, and each wanting the other person to handle it if she is. 

Better Off With You tackles growing up, growing old, and parenting your parents. This darkly comedic musical asks: what does it take to create a family and how do you keep one from falling apart?

“Ashley’s story is relatable and heartfelt… These actors play their characters with love, and that love echoes back into the story – while the music and lyrics provide context, well-placed cues, and callbacks. Definitely recommend heading to Let Live Theater for this wholly enjoyable play.” – Taylor Doherty, Jacket Off

“If you want a show that can keep you engaged, make you laugh , cry (through both funny and heartfelt moments) all in the span of 30 minutes then you should absolutely get tickets to this show.” – Certified Review

"Better Off With You is a total blast! it’s a wholesome musical which is both touching and laugh-out-loud funny! Watching the characters come together, embrace each other, and become a united family was both hilarious and heartwarming. The musical is super well-written, capturing the crazy, wonderful essence of family life." – Certified Review

Production Team

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