Bride of Blood

Drama · trepany house · Ages 13+ · 69 mins · United States of America

Bride of Blood is a phantasmic adventure of King Solomon.  It features heavenly and demonic entities, comedy, special effects and puppetry.

Written & Directed by Amit Itelman

Cast (in alphabetical order): Tom Ballatore as Asmodeus, Galen Howard as Jeremiah, Davey Johnson as Solomon, Aaron Kee as Nebuchadnezzar,m, Kathleen MacDonald as Wisdom, Kalea Neiviller as the Maiden, and Rediet Worku as the Queen of Sheba.

Puppeteers: John Falchi & Josie Oriana

Themes composed by Graham Reynolds

Sound designer, aranger and music by Hans Fjellestad.

Presented by Trepany House, sponsored by Titmouse.


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