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FEB 2024


In addition to Hollywood Fringe’s Scholarship (closed) +  Artist Fund Programs (Apply by 2/19),  you can find individual artist grants and apply, even without a nonprofit status!

Here are some key words that are often used (that you can use to find your own grants via the internet)

  • Individual Artist Grant
  • Theatre Artist Grant
  • Fringe Grant
  • Los Angeles artist grant

Here are some starting points:


Ready to write the grant? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Definitions of common grant language:

Abstract (also known as executive summary): A short, concise method of stating what the project is and why it is important to be produced

Documentation: Anything you have to represent a finished product, from video + photos to a printed program + ticketing page

Narrative: your story! 

Statement of Need: Describes a problem and explains why you require a grant to address the issue. This is where you explain why YOUR project is more needed than any others at the moment

Cost Sharing or Matching Funds: Money from other funding sources that you (the applicant) have already secured. This can often be ticket sales or out of pocket money. 

Objectives: Your goals! What are the expected outcomes a funder can expect to happen because of this project

Project Period: The dates (usually established in the application) that the project will take place

Earned Income: What you have sold/earned, including ticket sales, merch sales, ad sales, workshop fees, etc

Contributed Income: Donations, grants and (sometimes) corporate sponsorships. Any donation where the donor does not get a direct benefit in return.

Commissions: When someone pays you to do your art directly (both Fringe Scholarships + Fringe Artist Funds are commissions, for instance).

Fringe tips + tricks for grant writing

Do your research. Don’t apply for a grant just because it’s available! Research the grant thoroughly: what has been funded before under this grant? What are the requirements for this year’s cycle? How will my proposal fit into the box that they are building under the grant?

Know your project in + out before applying for funding: If your project is confusing to you, it will not translate to paper. Using a grant application to define your pitch is fine, but make sure you are 100% sure of what you are doing, and 100% sure that you can execute the grant goals

Start your writing in a document, NOT the grant portal.

Get feedback from your friends, family and fellow artists. Make sure at least 3 people read your grant in various stages before you submit. It helps to have people who are not familiar with your project take a look when you’re at the last stages before submitting to ensure your narrative is clear.


Other grant writing resources:


Crowdfunding is a great option for artists who have a built-in audience already, and are great at marketing! Compared to applying for grants, crowdfunding can be less intimidating and more straightforward.

Unlike applying for grants, you don’t need to convince a committee full of arts professionals who don’t know you, and who are comparing your work to many other applicants’ work. Instead, you need to make a case that your work deserves financial support to people you already know (and then hopefully the people that they know, if they share the campaign).

What platforms should I use?

That 100% depends on your preferences!

Here are some articles that lay out the different benefits for you:

OK, I picked a platform, now what?

Refine Your Pitch: Before you hit “go” on that platorm, you’ll need to refine your project pitch. You need to be able to write a couple of paragraphs that will explain to people what you want to accomplish, how much money you need, and why they should support you. 

Set a budget and fundraising goal. Finish that Fringe budget and set a realistic fundraising goal (based on your project’s outreach capacity). Think realistically about how many people you think can give to you at each level. 

Here is a sample of how you can reach a $500 fundraising goal

10 people at $10 each = $100

10 people at $25 each = $250

3 people at $50 each =   $150

Total from 23 people = $500

It may help for you to write a list of people you are going to ask to contribute and write how much you realistically think they would give. After you do that, cut your expectation in half! That is the easiest way to create a realistic fundraiser starting goal. If the fundraiser goes incredibly well, you can always release a second goal (i.e. start with the goal of getting your venue covered, but then stretch the goal into paying for documentation should you reach that first goal post).

Remember, nobody else is going to help you fundraise unless you ask them to. Organize in advance a fundraising team where each team member agrees to raise part of your goal.

Create a marketing plan for the campaign: Where are you going to post about this? Who are you going to email? How many times? What is your goal of clicks/donations per item on your to do list?

Create your crowdfunding web page: You are ready to ask for donations! Make sure your page has a clear, concise, and exciting overview of your project. Be very clear about what money you’re asking for and where that money will go. Transparency is so key for folks to feel excited to give their $$.

Use past video or photos to bring people into the room of your work. If you don’t have prior documentation of your work, maybe a video of your cast reading parts of the script, or a song preview from your musical.

Make sure it’s easy and clear where the supporter should donate their money.

Offer incentives: You will encourage more gifts by offering incentives and rewards to supporters at different levels (i.e. a donation of $25 will get the supporter a free digital download of the cast album). Make sure these incentives are not too difficult for you to achieve. We recommend they do not include free tickets as it is hard for you to recoup other expenses if you are comping too much of your house.

Keep Asking Until You Reach the Goal: Remember, it takes 7 views for someone to make a purchase. Create interesting, exciting content throughout the campaign, and make the campaign short + punchy.

Remember, not everyone has the capacity to donate to your campaign, even if they want to. It can feel very personal, but sometimes even your closest friends will not be able to support you. Don’t take it personally, and keep reminding yourself how many people DO support you. 



JAN 2024

In search of the perfect venue for your HFF show? We recommend taking a few tours, reaching out on the site, or calling or emailing directly. With almost 20 spaces to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your show. 

You can find all of the venues currently registered with Fringe here.

To help you find the perfect venue fit, we will keep this page updated with venue tour schedules and Open Houses. 


Theatre Asylum Venues

  • Thymele Arts (4 spaces) – 5481 Santa Monica Blvd.
  • (Kansas Room, California Room, Shirley Dawn Studio, Joyce Hall)
  • Stephanie Feury – 5636 Melrose Ave.
  • McCadden Theater – 1157 N. McCadden Pl.

Tours this upcoming week

Thur Feb 1, 10am starting at Feury-5636 Melrose

Sun Feb 4,  4:30pm starting at Feury-5636 Melrose

Mon, Feb 5 – 5pm Starting at Stephanie Feury – 5636 Melrose

Thur, Feb 8 – 10am starting at Feury – 5636 Melrose

(FUTURE Tours will follow this similar schedule )

You need to make an appointment to join the tour and to discuss your show.

[email protected] or call 415-336-0513


The GGC Theatre 

6502 Santa Monica Blvd

Tours will be weekly: 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10-12 pm

Wednesday evenings 4 pm-6 pm

Email to schedule: [email protected]

If you can’t make these time frames and need a special appointment, send an email! 


Zephyr Theatre

7456 Melrose Avenue

The next open house is Wednesday, March 6th, from 5pm-7pm

Email [email protected] for additional tour options.


The Hobgoblin Playhouse & Madnani

The Hobgoblin Playhouse: 6440 Santa Monica Blvd. /  The Madnani Theater: 6760 Lexington Ave. 

The next open house to see both spaces is February 17th, 2:30 – 5 pm.

Email questions to: [email protected]



JAN 2024

You are invited to design the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival guide cover, which will be distributed throughout Los Angeles County throughout the festival! Submit your design ideas anytime between Tuesday (1/16) and Saturday (1/20) at 10 AM PT to be included in the qualifying round. To enter the contest, visit the link here!

The winner will receive approximately $550 after the commission taken by 99Designs. Additionally, the winner is eligible for an additional prize of $1,000 to pull elements from their winning guide design to create the official T-shirt, iPhone app icon, and button for HFF24. To get started, create a (free) account on


Know an artist who might be interested? Please share the contest with friends!


Curious what past branding has looked like? Check out our most recent printed guide & previous design winners!  (Note the specific design asks in the link above, as we are moving in a different design direction this year!) 

Digital file of our 2023 printed guide

Digital file of our 2022 printed guide

Digital file of our 2019 printed guide 

2018 contest

2017 contest

2016 contest



NOV 2023

See upcoming HFF24 events by subscribing to our Google events calendar with this link! 

We have so many events to look forward to in 2024 as you begin your HFF24 journey! Below is a list of pre-festival educational events, as well as more information on upcoming networking opportunities. All of these events are designed to prepare you for a wonderful 2024 season. 

View the calendar of educational events here



HFF24 town halls and workshops are designed to walk you through the Fringe journey from A to Z! All educational events are free to attend. 

Workshops consist of panel discussions with past Hollywood Fringe participants, and town halls are led by Hollywood Fringe staff. Both are great ways to get to know the Hollywood Fringe from different angles and perspectives! 

All town halls and workshops have a digital viewing option and are recorded so you can view them later! 


Town Halls: 

Sunday 1/28, 2-4 pm – Town Hall #1 Welcome to Fringe

In-person at Zephyr Theatre & streamed 

Sunday 3/10, 7-9 pm – Town Hall #2: How to Make Your Fringe Show Accessible 

In-person at Thymele Arts & streamed 

Sunday 4/14, 7-9 pm – Town Hall #3: Printed Guide, Ticketing & Press 

In-person at The Broadwater & streamed 

Thursday 5/9, 7-9 pm – Town Hall #4: Make the Most of Your Fringe Experience 

In-person at Eastwood Performing Arts Center & streamed



Sunday 1/14, 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm Creative Conversations

In-person at Thymele Arts & streamed 

Monday 1/22, 7-10 pm – Workshop #1: Meet the Venues (panel & mixer) 

In-person at Hudson Theatres & streamed 

Monday 2/5, 7-9 pm – Workshop #2: Alternative (BYOV) Venues at Fringe

on ZOOM & streamed

Sunday 2/11, 7-9 pm – Workshop #3: Budgeting & Fundraising

In-person at The Broadwater & streamed 

Tuesday 2/20, 7-9 pm – Workshop #4: Antiracism for White Artists 

on ZOOM & streamed

Tuesday 3/26, 7-9 pm – Workshop #5: Marketing & Ticketing 

In-person at Javista Coffee & streamed

Thursday 4/4, 7-9 pm – Workshop #6: How to Tech Your Fringe Show 

on ZOOM & streamed 

Saturday 4/27, 3-5 pm – Workshop #7: Festival Expectations 

In-person at Zephyr Theatre & streamed 


Web Sessions: 

This digital educational series is about navigating the website and the many tools available to you as Hollywood Fringe Festival participants. 

Monday 3/18, 7-9 pm – Web Sessions #1: Site Navigation & Projects Pages  

on ZOOM & streamed

Monday 4/15, 7-8 pm – Web Sessions #2: Ticketing, Ads & Guide Proofs 

on ZOOM & streamed



Office Hours are back.  Join Hollywood Fringe staff and participants for casual meet-ups at different bars around Hollywood. Whether you’re a veteran Fringer or a new community member, these in-person networking events are for you!  Grab a mocktail, cocktail or soda + hang with your fellow Fringers. Swap marketing ideas, learn tips + tricks of the trade, and make connections with both your fellow artist, and Fringe staff.  

Office Hours occur every Wednesday from 7-10 pm starting in late March.

Wednesday 3/27- Office Hours 

7-10 pm at The Broadwater Plunge (21+) 

6324 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Discount: $1 off alcoholic beverages

Wednesday 4/3- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Saint Felix Hollywood (18+) 

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Discount: 15% off regularly priced menu items 

Wednesday 4/10- Office Hours 

7-10 pm at Three Clubs (21+) 

1123 N VINE ST, Hollywood, CA 90038

Discount: $1 off alcoholic beverages

Wednesday 4/17- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Saint Felix Hollywood (18+) 

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Discount: 15% off regularly priced menu items 

Wednesday 4/24-  Office Hours 

7-10 pm at Three Clubs (21+) 

1123 N VINE ST, Hollywood, CA 90038

Discount: $1 off alcoholic beverages

Wednesday 5/1- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Saint Felix Hollywood (18+) 

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Discount: 15% off regularly priced menu items 

Wednesday 5/8- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Saint Felix Hollywood (18+) 

1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Discount: 15% off regularly priced menu items 

Wednesday 5/15- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Fringe Central 

6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 109, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (details below) 

21+ event 

Wednesday 5/22- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Fringe Central

6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 109, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (details below) 

21+ event 

Wednesday 5/29- Office Hours 

7-10 pm at Fringe Central

6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 109, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (details below) 

21+ event 

Wednesday 6/5- Office Hours

7-10 pm at Fringe Central

6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 109, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (details below) 

21+ event 

Directions to Fringe Central: 

Suite 109 is on the first floor, and it turns off Hollywood Blvd into the ovation center between the Hard Rock Cafe sign and the Gelato Festival. Just past the potted plants on the left side of that hallway, between the Mac cosmetics store and Anvio VR, you will find Fringe Central. We are located at the bottom of the “Oscar’s stairs”! 

Validation for the Ovation parking lot will be available for artists; $3/ for 4-hour validation will be available. 


AUG 2023

Hello friends of the Complex!

Read on for information from our friends at the Los Angeles Conservancy on how we can support the Complex as it faces designation as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

HCM status does not guarantee that the building will be a theater in the future. That is a separate negotiation with the building’s new owner that the Conservancy, Complex advocates and other partners are in conversation with.

Want to know the full scoop? Here is a PDF with the full letter, and details on how to get involved in the HCM vote.

Below is a summarization of this call to action:

On Thursday, August 17th at 10am PT, the Cultural Heritage Commission will vote whether to designate the Complex as a Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM). Please read to learn how to advocate at the Cultural Heritage Commission:

What does HCM status mean?

HCM Status would recognize the Complex’s contributions to the historic Hollywood Theatre Row and make it harder to demolish the building. Designation can help raise awareness about Theatre Row and the importance of preserving small theatres.

How can I support the Complex HCM nomination?

Make public comment via Zoom or in person, or email a letter to [email protected]. Public comment is limited to 1-2 minutes. In your comment, state your name, relationship to the Complex, why it is important to you and why it is a historic part of Hollywood Theatre Row. The Complex’s future use is not a consideration at this hearing and may detract from your comment.

Will the Complex continue to be a theater?

HCM status does not guarantee that the building will be a theater in the future. That is a separate negotiation that has started. There will be updates on how to support that effort as they develop.