Silhouettes Of Scarlet: A Hip-Hop Musical

Musicals & Operas · independent · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

“Silhouettes Of Scarlet” is an hip hop musical/play production that navigates the seven stages of grief and how it coincides with the seven deadly sins amidst dealing with Stockholm syndrome. In this psychological-drama and romance production based on real life events, James, a 30 year old spoken word/rapper artist, suddenly loses his father to death while exiting an abusive relationship with his former partner, Scarlet.

Processing these losses, James not only enmeshed the death of Lanair and the loss his former partner, he actively succumbs to vices in attempt to numb excruciating pain rather than confronting them head on or participate in activities that contributes to his emotional strength. Part-taking in vices make it difficult for James to accept his losses. In James’ mind accepting that he has loss his partner means letting go of his father. His refusal to do so keeps him in a state of mental purgatory.

Being in this state of mental purgatory prevents James from other important matter such as his family and career as an artist. Will James be able to be able to develop the tools to co-exist with his losses or become overshadowed by grief?

“Save me from myself.”


Chris Siders bio:

Through the content of his work, award winning Los Angeles based Poet, Music Producer and Activist, Christopher Siders, encourages his audience members to think critically about social norms and how we subconsciously affect one another through our everyday behaviors. Within his own experiences as an activist, he is able to share his successes and failures, and guide future activists at any institution, to make positive decisions for the community to flourish and teach students to become a better ally for movements or areas of interest. Siders graduated from California State University Monterey Bay with a B.A. in Human Communications with a concentration in Creative Writing and Social Action. 

Siders made his directorial debut in April 2013 with the MENding Monologues production at California State University Monterey Bay. Between 2014-2017 he was also apart of a wide-variety of play productions such as “Almost, Maine” & “Check, Please.” In 2017, Directed and co-wrote an original play, “A Race Through Time” in Seaside, California.

Siders professionally performed alongside poets such as Rudy Francisco, Shihan The Poet, Ebony Stewart, and have graced stages such as Dominican University, UC Santa Barbara, Beyond Baroque, and many more. His third book, “Culture Shock” is published through Boukra Press.
Siders released his first EP independently, The MisAdventures Of Chris Siders May 2022 and his follow up The Emancipation Of Chris Siders one year later in May 2023. Recently, fresh off his first independent Europe tour, Siders is now gearing up to release his next album, Lanair’s Flower in Zurich April 2024 featuring local artists and producers from Zurich, Switzerland. 
In support of his upcoming release Siders has his first nationwide tour across the United States this Spring and another international tour in December 2024.

Check out his music here

Production Team

kyle davis 

writer/music director

chris siders 


yara guzman 

production manager/ coordinator



* Fringe Veteran