Drama · stone fruit arts · Ages 13+ · 80 mins · United States of America

Content Warning

A family waits for the matriarch to pass while attending to the mundane bureaucracy of dying: paperwork, packing up her things, long hours at the hospital—a real drag as they say, until it isn’t. All of a sudden the play splits in two when the jaded playwright takes the reins and decides the play’s not worth finishing. What ensues is a meta-comedy exploring life, death, family, and the creative process with cheeky irreverence and unapologetic sincerity.

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Production Team

katie dragone 


marie bland 

creative producer

nico parducho 

stage manager

holly osborn 

costume designer

charlie jackson 

intimacy coordinator

justine sombilon 

line producer

grant bishko 

sound designer

* Fringe Veteran