Rock Bottom

Solo Show · fresh life theatre · Ages 15+ · 1hr · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Content Warning

‘You don’t know what to be, or not to be’ – Shakespeare’s best loved clown, Bottom, is reimagined in Fresh Life Theatre’s one-person show. When Bottom arrives at the theatre, ready to perform, and finds the rest of his cast have left him, he needs to improvise. Dealing with the trauma of pushing his friends away and needing the audience like him, is a cocktail for trouble. As his plan falls apart, he is forced to come to terms with who he is.
Shakespeare’s Bottom, alone in the real world.
After two successful runs at Edinburgh Fringe, hit UK tours and an off-Broadway run in 2023, Bottom is back in the USA! Don’t miss out on the rude jokes, Shakespeare quotes, and existential dread…

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran