ICE CATS: A Dead Mother Traumedy

Solo Show · orgasmico · Ages 21+ · 50 mins · United States of America

Content Warning

 Losing someone is never easy. Even when you know it’s going to happen. Losing a PARENT is even worse. And somehow losing your MOM is beyond comprehension. The person that gave you life is no longer here to help shape your existence, or tell you that your skirt is too short or to “fix your face”. The BEST thing about a Dead mom is that she will leave you with gifts. Little nuggets of surprise and excitement and terror as you clean out her hoarder houses. Yes she is rolling over in her urn reading this description. Here’s hoping there’s no internet in Heaven. This show isn’t about her Cancer or even her Death, that’s definitely in there, but it’s really about the lifelong Traumatic gifts that she left me. Like the ability to bury frozen cats after her death. Come with me, to the emerald city, of AC (After Cathy). Love you mom.


For Legal Purposes Cathy is perfect and was definitely NOT a hoarder. 






Production Team

* Fringe Veteran