Queen Out (verb)

Cabaret & Variety · dionysia · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

world premiere

The city of Los Angeles is not what it used to be – that’s according to DTLA Drag Queen Duo, Annie and Lorelei. With skyrocketing rent rates, prices for gas, food, and rhinestones, Los Angeles is making it difficult for its residents to stay well and fabulous. After a year of performing their two-person Vaudeville show, Annie and Lorelei notice that once-historic LA Queer venues are closing their doors due to financial strain. Now, in an epic one-hour comedy-variety show, Annie and Lorelei are the latest victims of the same financial fate when they come face-to-face with oil giants from ExxonMobil who threaten to build a fracking drill over their home drag bar. This absurd buddy-comedy utilizes a variety of mediums: Drag, Video Projection, Singing, Tap Dancing, Comedy, Puppetry, Reality TV, Roller Skating, and more!


Annie Biotixx is most recognized for her work in TV/Film, including in the 60th season of ‘General Hospital’, feature film ‘Babylon’, and popular web series ‘Cooking’s a Drag’. Lorelei is an award-winning theater artist, drag performer, and founder of DIONYSIA, a non-profit dedicated to developing long-form theatrical works from drag artists. This production is inspired by their real working relationship in drag bars where they have hosted shows together for years.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran