Habla y te Salvas: Stories of a No Sabo Kid & his Guayaco Dad

Solo Show · fail better nyc · Ages 16+ · 75 mins · United States of America

Content Warning Multi-Lingual Performance Pay What You Can one person show world premiere

2024 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship Recipient

Award-winner Storyteller and Playwright Christopher Moncayo-Torres invites you to meet the elusive Ecuadorian Paul Bunyan of his childhood: his dad. The 79 year old legend, having never performed before in his life, will be present (yes, really) to help Christopher explore their once estranged relationship via mysterious boxes & broken Spanglish in this comedic solo-ish show.


Through sharing true stories he experienced with his dad as an adult, audio recordings of their conversations and displaying family relics on stage (like boxes from the attic that once belonged to dad!), Christopher unravels the similarities and differences between him and a man he only knew beforehand from tall tales he heard as a kid. From when they shared cramped bedrooms filled with “borrowed” goods in Queens, NY together, to heartfelt chats in broken Spanglish inside panaderias over cafe con leche, under the roaring 7 train, Christopher and his father try to figure out how two very different Ecuadorian-Americans can talk about forgiveness, empathy and salvation while having no shared language between them, be that English, Spanish or even of fathers and sons. 


Note that there is a semi-long staircase  inside the theater, and there is not an elevator. This is not a wheelchair accessible venue.


Content Warning

-Brief discussion of self harm/suicide ideation 



-Brief reenactment of physical violence

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran