Cabaret & Variety · dancing arms · Ages 21+ · 50 mins · United States of America

Content Warning one person show

ASTRO CABARET is a new one-woman musical character showcase that’s part-clown and all cabaret, with original songs written and composed by Emma Irene Olson. Each of Emma Irene’s astrological birth chart aspects – Leo Sun, Leo Mercury, Leo Venus, Leo Mars (it’s a lot of Leo WE KNOW), Aquarius Moon, Sagittarius Saturn, Sagittarius Uranus, Aries Jupiter, Capricorn Neptune, Scorpio Pluto, and Scorpio Rising – get their moment to perform in this star-studded cabaret. A knowledge or even interest in astrology is not a prerequisite to enjoy this exploration of self-acceptance.

Directed by Natasha Mercado

Music Directed by Martha Eies

Production Team

emma irene olson *

writer & performer

martha eies 

music director

* Fringe Veteran