Comedy · unburnt media · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere

Juliet, an inspired “actress-to-be” in her 30’s, has been working in a Hollywood coffee shop for years. In the past, the shop manager, Emily, had been quite lenient with Juliet’s tardiness as this was always meant to be a temporary job. Drama arises when Juliet is late again, this time without warning. Thanks to her amazing co-workers, James, Tyler and David who use their talents to tell their own story through all of this, both simultaneously and separately, both scripted and improved as we aim to provoke the questions of our true responsibility to society. The question of who gets to decide that responsibility for us and who gets to decide when we are successful?


June 9th, Sunday, at 8:00pm 
Show #1
June 14th, Friday, at 7.30pm 


Show #2
June 15th, Saturday, at 7:00pm


Location : Javista Coffee Hollywood

Address: 1532 Highland Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

Parking : Street parking

*Give yourself plenty of time to find a spot, and read signs carefully.


Tickets : $20


*Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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Role Model Juliet // Cast and Crew

ecenur renkmen *

writer & director

rabia kip  *

set & costume designer

regina shabanova *

associate set designer

roya row *

assistant set designer

bailey smith *

graphic designer

melike sunbul  *

production manager

alvaro n. zavala *

assistant director

alicia felton 

production assistant

christian roberto cardenas *

production assistant

erick rocha *

production assistant

justin martinez *

video production coordinator

* Fringe Veteran