Complaints Dept.

Immersive & Games · chattering teeth productionz · Ages 13+ · 1hr to 90 mins · United States of America

🏆Hollywood Fringe 2024 Artist Fund Award Recipient🏆


The Complaints Dept. is now open for one-on-one or group appointments. Come book a “vent sesh” with one of our Complaint Representatives at The Complaints Dept. running all festival long at The Hobgoblin Playhouse @ 6440 Santa Monica Blvd. Unload your trials and tribulations! Complaint filed. Case closed. Or not…


Best described as a WøNdeRlaNd of ReD tApe CørPøRaTe øfFice sAtiRe run by quirky characters & clowns via immersive, interactive, ever-changing world elements!


(🗣️ More info coming soon 👀)


Save the dates! Our Hobgoblin Playhouse walkthrough shows are:

Sunday 6/9 (timed entries between 12:20-2pm)

Sunday 6/16 (timed entries between 4:50-6:30pm)

Saturday 6/22 (timed entries between 4:20-6pm)

Sunday 6/23 (timed entries between 8:20-10pm)


And For 1 Night Only…

The Complaints Dept. Awards Show Gala Spectacular!

Thursday 6/27 10-11:30pm (featuring The Greater Fringe Community!)


The Featured Fringers of our Rotating Cast Walkthrough Shows Are:



Emma Irene:

George Aivaliotis:

Rachel Troy:



Adam Frost-Venrick:

Megan Stern:

Tarek Ziad:



Chanel Samson:

Kevin Neighbors:

Mark Vigeant:



Barry 😈

Veronica Osorio:

(Mystery Fringer TBA!)


Please note that our sister experience, COMPLAINT APPOINTMENTS WITH THE SUPERVISOR (A COMPLAINTS DEPT. 1-ON-1 ADVENTURE), will be happening throughout the month of June and July in tandem with our Hobgoblin Playhouse Complaints Dept. shows. These private one-on-one complaint sessions are for 1-2 audience members (in the same party) to experience at a time. Your performance will begin at the meeting point sent out where The Supervisor will then escort you to his top-secret undisclosed “temp office” location! Book your personalized 30 min appointment with The Supervisor today! More info:


Please be aware that our Hobgoblin 6/9, 6/16, 6/22 & 6/23 performances are timed entry 1hr walkthrough style shows. There are 3 available start times per show day that you can choose from to embark on your 1 hr Complaints Dept. Immersion with an audience group of up to 20 people. If there are no tickets left for a particular showtime, then that entry time/group is full. These performances are immersive, interactive and require audience members to walk around the entire venue of The Hobgoblin Playhouse on a moving narrative track similar to the manner in which you’d move through a haunted house. You will be interacting with various actors stationed around the venue as you journey through The Complaints Dept. Universe. Please take note of your specific ticket time as that is when you will need to arrive in order to begin your experience!


Our 6/27 final performance is The 1st Annual Complaints Dept. Gala Awards Show Spectacular! This will be a more traditional theater show with some interactive moments throughout. This show doesn’t have a moving track like the other shows. Audience members will stay seated in the 50 seat theater during the duration of the 90 minute show. Live-stream tickets for this show will be available as well.

Production Team

zander raphael *

the supervisor

chris game *

the director

paul baird 

the dramaturg

peyton ashby 

the complaints receptionist

izzy salant 

the complaints receptionist

oscar sharp 

the complaints receptionist

deborah kattler kupetz 

the complaints receptionist

sam baron 

the tour guide

rachel troy 

the childcare center

george aivaliotis *

the animal wrangling dept.

emma irene olson *

the astrological dept.

adam frost-venrick 

the better u center

tarek ziad 

the genius bar center

megan stern 

the sales dept.

veronica osorio 

the medical center

chanel samson 

the center for you’re not sure if you should block the boy who sends you heart eyes then doesn’t text back for a week and wants a situationship but lacks capacity department

jeff heimbuch *

the puppetry dept.

* Fringe Veteran