Crabbe and Goyle are Dead

anonymous · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
Laugh out loud hilarious riff on Stoppard's classic play carried by the two leads. Smart and fun!... full review


billy ray brewton · July 07, 2019 uncertified reviewer
An hour of unpredictable insanity. ... full review

REWIND - A New 80's Pop Musical

valerie-jean miller · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
Winner of the 2019 Encore! Producers' Award, Rewind is a Musical Tale about Love, Redemption and the Magic of Second Chances. A powerful producer derails a young girl's promising music career and she spends the next 50 years waiting tables. When the producer skydives out of a plane, he is met with an untimely end and is barred from Heaven. To gain entrance he must, with a little help from the Universe, rewind Time and help her reclaim her destiny. He's given a year's time limit. Entire A... full review

The London Rose

elisabeth hower · July 06, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Mia Cotton is GOING PLACES. This felt like the tip of a very big iceberg of talent. Can’t wait to see what she’ll create next. ... full review

Let’s Write a Musical

victor sotomayor · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
I love the story behind the making of the musical, the inspiring true story of a dying man’s wish to write a musical and leave something special behind for his wife to remember him by.... full review

Bunny the Elf LIVE!

julie m smith · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
Bunny the Elf Live! is fantastically fun and brimming with energy. Christi really brings a zany hilarity as well as deep pathos to her quirky job-challenged character.... full review

thank you for loving me

adam smith · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
A terrific little vignette of the ending of a destructive relationship. Though both actors delivered strong enough performances to make me root for their mutual freedom, Ashley Fountain’s subtly nuanced performance left me desperately wanting to interrupt the performance and help her carry her luggage out of the apartment. ... full review

What I Never Told You

shereen mirtavoosi · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
I honestly loved it and it gave me all the feels.... full review

Siren Call

david macdowell blue · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
Written by Jola Cora, who joins Annalee Scott and Paul Louis Harrell on stage, this play posits what at first seems only a quirky bit of drama in some side shadow of Hollywood. An actress/movie star wannabe feels hopeless and despondent, urging her sometimes boyfriend to help her see or somehow touch the movie star with whom she is obsessed just once before she gives up. He agrees, knowing someone who knows said movie star's gardener. While she is out, attending a premiere, they sneak into her... full review

The Same Room

monique lebleu · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
“The Same Room” is about as intimately intense as it can get. Playwright and Actress Kelley Pierre's razor-sharp script points a laser beam on the effects of retained anger and resentment, and the gifts that forgiveness, understanding, and even self-acceptance, might bring. Together with Sam Sheeks, the two actresses play off each other seamlessly as their two characters in “The Same Room” take us through the kinds of wounded animal reactions that can spring from such pain and resentment, whether... full review

Let’s Write a Musical

anonymous · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
Let’s Write A Musical is an inspiring, playful, deeply poignant tribute to the power of love in the midst of life’s most challenging times. It is beautifully constructed, with a story within a story. The musical numbers are wonderful, sweet and catchy. The actors clearly love the material and give it their all. Bravo to Lawrie, the cast and the director!!... full review

Shiva for Anne Frank

david macdowell blue · July 06, 2019 certified reviewer
"Shiva," as explained by writer/performer Rachel McKay Steele, is a Jewish ritual of mourning, to help the bereaved embrace and thus get past their grief. Doing so for a girl one never met, who has been dead for many decades (she would have been ninety years old in 2019) may seem bizarre. Until one thinks about it. Ultimately shiva is not "for" the deceased. It is for those who feel the pain of their loss. So, Shiva For Anne Frank makes plenty of sense, really. Her diary lets us know her,... full review

Comedy Hoe

tehana weeks · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
Funny Excellence!... full review

The Same Room

larry sichter · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
Once again, Lucid Dramatics has brought to the Hollywood Fringe Festival a uniquely creative exploration of the human soul. "The Same Room" written and performed by Kelley Pierre, performed by Sam Sheeks, and directed by Scott Golden, is a remarkable revelation about self. It's a mirror we can all look into and be all the better for. Pierre's writing thrusts us into a thought-provoking, emotional rollercoaster of loathing and love, of humor and disdain, and of what it ultimately takes to be accep... full review

The Last Croissant

david macdowell blue · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
Having heard a kind of general positive buzz about the show and since it fit so neatly into my schedule, I got in line for The Last Croissant. While waiting, the cast came out and gave us a musical pre-show which led me to half-expect a musical. Nope. Not a musical. Rather one of the most delightful plays of this year's Fringe. Absolutely in my top ten (and that is saying something, given the quality of this year). The show takes place in a camping site in some national park in Californ... full review


david macdowell blue · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
Anyone who does not feel a twinge of sympathy just with the title of this show--I don't understand you. At least, hopefully I do not. Bullies and bullying cause so much misery, so much long term damage to children...yet solving the problem seems to involve no easy solution. The Bully Problem is a musical aimed at children. Refreshingly it speaks to children but does not do so by speaking down. It lacks condescension. Because of this, it also speaks directly to the child still inside each ... full review


david macdowell blue · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
I can honestly say Fertile was one show in the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival that seemed like a no brainer. Most such must be rolls of the dice, but of course if you know a given performer and their work you walk in with expectations. In this case, my imagination conjured the idea of a realistic and fairly autobiographical one woman show about her attempts to become pregnant. My expectations were not met. I was anything but disappointed. In fact, I was thrilled. Actor/playwright Hea... full review

Pit of Goblins

susannah snowden-ifft · July 05, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Completely off the wall wacky, yet solid, grounded writing and acting keep you riveted in your seat during this fantastic one-man show. ... full review

Public Domain: The Musical

roberta cruger · July 05, 2019 certified reviewer
Totally amusing! Very cleverly written, brilliantly performed and memorable! Each song was delightful and Broadway-believable. I want more! ... full review