Dear Jeff: A Musical Comedy About Suicide & Domestic Abuse

jennifer chun · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This show kicked my ass. In the best way possible. Callie Ott was 'singing my life with her words and killing me softly with her song.' Yeah - corny, but completely true. I sat in my car and cried after this show. ... full review


jennifer chun · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Heather grabbed me immediately with her exceptional skill at characterization. Frankly, being born in a different social background and having the absolute opposite problem (how NOT to get pregnant) I thought I wouldn't be able to relate. However, her wry humor and boundless energy pulled me along in her journey. ... full review


jennifer chun · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This was a well written, stellar piece of theater. It lulled me into it's rhythmic dreamworld with the even words of John Kolvenbach. The ensemble and direction were impeccable.... full review


victor sotomayor · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
The whole cast did a great job, particularly Luis García whose intensity and rage keeps everybody in the audience at the edge of our seats. Really intense and real. I need to recoup and remind myself that this was just a play ... full review

The Mayor's Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska

kelley pierre · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Jim Hanna's "The Mayor's Debate of Tranquility, Nebraska" takes a concentrated, smart and undeniably hilarious look at our political habits. But while most plays of this nature use the story to react to our current political situation, Hanna removes the corrupt underbelly altogether and replaces it with something much more immediate and far more magically sinister- turning this political play into an abstract mind f**ck of an experience. ... full review


marnie olson · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Heather Dowling is a stand-out performer who transitions seamlessly between characters. ... full review

Jordan Maverick, History Teacher

jonathan tipton meyers · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
A viciously biting satire of the horrifying prospect of weaponizing teachers, Jordan Maverick walks the tightrope of comedy on this subject. Make no mistake, however, they're not calmly walking across that rope, these outrageous performers and shaking that rope wildly and the results are disarming and entirely enjoyable. Kudos to Ryan Gowland, JJ Mayes, Sacred Fools and the entire cast. ... full review


susannah snowden-ifft · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
A fantastic show that is fun, simple and beautifully celebrates being different and standing up for yourself. The movement and song weave together effortlessly to create a story that despite it's simplicity, still finds you gripping your seat all the way through. ... full review

Mr. Yunioshi

vivi thai · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Moving and fun, this show brought up a near-and-dear issue of appropriation and taking a look at the other side. This is exactly what "meta" is meant for! J. Elijah Cho takes a controversial piece of artistic history and fills it with compassion while still not condoning the facts. He got to the heart of the matter in a really fun way, proving that comedy can still punch you in the gut.... full review


vivi thai · July 12, 2019 certified reviewer
Fertile is a wonderfully written play exploring all the emotional nuances of what it takes to bring a child into this techno-godlike world. Heather Dowling is magnificent in telling her candid, compassionate and surprisingly complex story. Seeing multiple characters' points of view, I almost forgot I was watching a one-woman show! ... full review


victor sotomayor · July 11, 2019 certified reviewer
Heather did a phenomenal job embodying all the characters in her one woman show. It was like watching Cybill, but less traumatic.... full review

Why did the chicken cross the road?

federico b laitano · July 11, 2019 certified reviewer
I had a lot of fun in this insightful and intriguing comedy. Really talented cast.... full review

American Stranger

tracey paleo, gia on the move (official press) · July 11, 2019 uncertified reviewer
There are some awesome moments in this production but it needs work. Read the full review: full review

I'm Jennifer Mother F*cking Lawrence

catherine collier · July 10, 2019 certified reviewer
Extremely fun and original show! Christy Lee Hughes was hilarious as J Law (and transitioned flawlessly into her super confident drunk alter ego Gail!), while Alice Winslow was great as closet psychopath Rose Byrne. With a fabulous script and amazing cast and crew, this show proved to be a great time for its audience!... full review

SugarFree: Foster Care Cognitive Dissonance

anonymous · July 10, 2019 uncertified reviewer
My overall impression of the show was...WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!! I attended every single show, and was blown away continuously every time by the sheer and raw emotion and transparency. Shari is so brave to share such a story!... full review

The Last Croissant

patrick chavis · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
8 out of 10 - A GOOD SHOW! Click the link below to learn more. full review

Two Naked Angels

patrick chavis · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
7 out of 10 - Average Show! Learn more at the link below. full review

Supportive White Parents

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
This was such a hilarious but full story show all crammed into a small half hour. It pokes fun at how different types of parents-supportive completely in what their kids want or supportive in pushing their kids to strive for the better-and the good and bad of both. It was so quirky and at the same time joking on true facts to where it made it even more hilarious.... full review

Forgetting not Forgotten

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 uncertified reviewer
I’ve seen many one-person shows, all of which have their own unique story to tell, but Petal brought SO much emotion into this storytelling and I was moved, touched, crying, and emotional throughout the whole show.... full review

Shiva for Anne Frank

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
This show was a great blend of comedy, pertinent, relevant and current issues, and insight on how the past seems to be starting again. ... full review