javier rodriguez · June 16, 2019
I am not a theater buff. I didn’t catch many of the references to the theater scene. And it didn’t matter. It was fun, funny, and appropriately touching at the end. Very well written. gratifying to watch performers and audience having a great time together. Really felt, in some ways, to a rocky horror picture show screening in nyc, circa ‘78. Lots of energy. I recommend, especially if you’ve been dragged around to several one man shows in the past. This is an homage and a middle finger to al... full review

Pho Girl

ellen uzarowicz · June 16, 2019
Sweet, interesting show with lots of laughs.... full review


liana mesaikou · June 16, 2019
Such an intimate and generous performance. Jane shares with the audience a piece of her soul, and ends up expanding our humanity.... full review

Why did the chicken cross the road?

anonymous · June 16, 2019
Hands down the best human chicken I’ve ever seen in my life... would recommend friends to see it! ... full review

WHAT? a story show

monique reymond · June 16, 2019
I very much enjoyed What? A Story Show. In most traditional story-telling shows, each performer is given their allotted time to share their tale. This show takes story-telling to another level. Each story is broken down into segments and the performer will begin to narrate their personal tale. Then the story is brought to life and acted out with the other performers in the ensemble. Director Goodhart takes an original concept and soars with it. Each story is deeply personal and we get to actually... full review

Sylus 2020

liana mesaikou · June 16, 2019
A smart, funny, symbolic satire about our current state of affairs executed with endearing humor, honesty and amazing improv skills!... full review

Stranger Things 2: The Musical Tribute

anonymous · June 16, 2019
One of my favorite shows so far at the Fringe Festival! The casting of all the Stranger Things characters was spot on ... what a talented group of actors and actresses! The music and lyrics were outstanding; clever, witty and beat-boxer was amazing! Such a fun and entertaining show! Highly recommend !... full review


monique reymond · June 16, 2019
GO SEE BIRTHDAY! I have seen many one person shows and this ranks as one of my all time favorites. Michael takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. You're laughing your ass off one minute and crying the next - and you love every minute of it. Michael is vulnerable on stage, and I can only imagine how cathartic it is for him, because it was cathartic for the audience. We are right there with him as he shares with us a year filled with unimaginable loss, but skillfully manages to never lea... full review


sue moran · June 16, 2019
An incredibly unique adventure!!! The world needs to see this act!... full review

Sylus 2020

benjamin nicholson · June 16, 2019
The best campaign manager I've ever seen assisted Sylus in his successful bid for the United States presidency; Shakira will be Vice President and special interest groups will get compensated for their support; I'm pleased with this outcome.... full review

Straight White Men Trying To Woke

sue moran · June 16, 2019
A fun thought-provoking ride. ... full review

An American Video Store

sang kim · June 16, 2019
A truly entertaining piece that takes you back to the era of the video store, in this case Blockbuster. It was humorous, educational and very touching as the writer added a great personal storyline to parallel the fall of Blockbuster. I felt the range of emotions throughout the production, and there were genuine laughs from the whole audience. The writer/director/narrator did a fantastic job parsing out the story and also engaging the audience with each era of Blockbuster. You'll find yoursel... full review

Temple Tantrum

sang kim · June 16, 2019
Courageous and phenomenal. A truly inspirational story that required the artist to be truly vulnerable to share such a personal and touching story of growing up in a Christian cult. Although a unique experience, the artist made things relatable so anyone could understand and feel what she went through in a sincere and honest way. A one-woman show, the production never stalled and the direction kept the storytelling fresh and dynamic. I was captivated throughout and found this to be one of ... full review


anonymous · June 16, 2019
I loved Bushwick. The dialogue was very real and the actors did a superb job. This is a must see. Bushwick captures a “moment on time “. Three very different young people dealing with life and in this case finding a roommate. Summer Bills is outstanding g as is the entire cast. Schuyler Mastain, writer and director, has a gift. In this case a well focused view on something we can all identify with. ... full review

Cave Girl the Musical

robert lien · June 16, 2019
This was a journey into the darkness and hopelessness of life that should not be missed. The performance by Glennis is a stark warning yet also delivers a message that there is a way out and that there should always be hope.... full review

The Last Croissant

pierce minor · June 16, 2019
Oh man, where do I start?? How about f-ing AMAZING???!!!... full review

Naked Man Rising

pierce minor · June 16, 2019
Just Wow! Inpiring, uplifting, empowering, and fucking funny!... full review

Invitation to Love...and Death

pierce minor · June 16, 2019
Qwerky and fun! A few laugh out loud moments.... full review

How I Became A Superhero

shari barrett · June 16, 2019
Funny but a bit uneven at times. But there were lots of moments that inspired laughter, especially when the Super Hero appeared on his pink tutu for the first time. Be sure to stay for the scenes following the credits.... full review

Horny-the Musical

shari barrett · June 16, 2019
This musical needs a lot of work. Not really ready for an audience. Many actors did not know their lines/songs.... full review


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