Acid Wash Love

dalton o'dell · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Overall whipcrack comedy, fantastic acting, delicious free cookies, and talented rising stars taking their clothes off. If you're only going to check out one play at the festival this is it! ... full review

Tales from the Powder Room

marnie olson · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Refreshing to see a play written & directed by a woman, starring eight women. Funny moments, sad moments and cringe-worthy moments. ... full review


michael gordon shapiro · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A wickedly clever satire of the narcissistic world of solo shows, smoothed over with just the right amount of sincerity.... full review

Speak I Will: A Fractured Shakespeare

jenine giusto · June 17, 2019 uncertified reviewer
"...And though she be but little, she is fierce..." Fractured Shakespeare's "Speak I Will" at Fringe creates a synthesis of the Bard's works, exposing parallels between old ways of thinking and the current uprising of feminine power. I was delighted to see how the worlds each woman created were uniquely different from each other, and that their words were not limited to Shakespeare's female characters.... full review

The Flower Society

mindy pfeiffer · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
This was a very timely and relevant production, as right across the street from the theater is a giant billboard reading "Homelessness Kills". I was immediately drawn in to the story of the four homeless women, and how they coped with their daily lives, a very realistic and important theater piece.... full review

It's Personal: Los Angeles

sonia sondheim · June 17, 2019 uncertified reviewer
amazing!! everyone’s piece was incredibly written and acted and they all got the emotions they were feeling across to everyone in the audience, making the pieces not just personal but also relatable... full review


matthew robinson · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
An interesting and fun show that leaves you with plenty to digest and think about. Led by two captivating and talented lead performances coupled with witty and wonderfully quirky dialogue. All with a steady directorial hand that makes every twist and turn that more intriguing. ... full review

Stranger Things 2: The Musical Tribute

christine deitner · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
This was my last show of the night after a five-show day and it started at 11:00 pm so I was hoping it would be good. Suffice it to say, my hopes were not only met but surpassed before the company had even completed the first line of their first song. When you read 'no jukebox, no parodies' on the publicity materials, what that fails to relate is that the songs are all quite specifically derivative in one way or another of the best songs from the 80s. In this specific case, with this wildly ta... full review

Public Domain: The Musical

michael gordon shapiro · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Clever, funny, and perfectly paced. The quintessential short and sweet Fringe comedic delight. ... full review

The 2nd Annual Trump Family Special

anonymous · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Very smart and funny - a LOT of talent sharing the stage and not one less than stellar. ... full review

The Institute for the Opposite of Longing

christine deitner · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
I am so glad I was able to see this. This piece is beautiful, mesmerizing and sad - I'm not going to lie to you - bring the tissues and open your heart but don't be afraid. Lindsay Beamish and Vanessa Peters have constructed the world of this theatrical experience so expertly that you are able to experience all they go through without having to take the weight of it with you. In other words, without explaining a thing, they make their story very clear and ultimately give us hope for a future w... full review

How I Became A Superhero

kelley pierre · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
This was so dang cute. And not patronizingly cute- just intentionally, lovingly CUTE. ... full review

Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse

eric depriester · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A lively and irreverent take on the post-apocalypse, full of imaginative staging, conversationally quippy dialogue, and self-aware skewering of sci-fi tropes. ... full review

The Book of Briarshire

suze campagna · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
Super fun and hilarious. Fantastic characters! Perfect show for fringe!... full review

How To Be A Rock Star

bob leggett · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
While the public stands up and praises the Emperor’s new clothes, even though he is naked, this critic will call this show what it truly is – an absurdist vanity project that needs to be labelled as such. If you like this kind of comedy, then have at it. If you are looking for a serious musical show, then avoid this one like the plague. ... full review


bob leggett · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
After creating the amazing musicals Turbulence and Thug Tunnel, they have truly knocked it out of the park with a walk off, two-out grand slam in the bottom of the ninth. They still rely on their “core” crew, but this time around have added an entire company of worthy performers to the mix.... full review

The Last Croissant

dan jh · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
An beautifully established farce brought about by a vibrant cast of characters that will not let you alone for two minutes. You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time! This is a show that is definitely worth every dollar spent at the box office. The passion, sweat and efforts put into the each month of rehearsals clearly shows itself onstage in full view. The Attic Collective definitely lives up to its mission statement: "We create theatre for everyone." ... full review

Supportive White Parents

sam pasternack · June 17, 2019 uncertified reviewer
So original, so vibrant and fun, so clever. A unique and hilarious musical that is wholly its own. ... full review


christine deitner · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
You have this potentially solid actress, a knack for writing in iambic pentameter [and other metres] and a wonderful theatrical figure to work with and yet the show gets lost in a need to be overly clever. It opens on a confusing note with a flyer featuring six actors and an asterisk that notes the appearance of five out of those cannot be guaranteed. Then the writer/director explains that the five quit due to complaints - that doesn't set us up for a fantastic start. The play eventually gets... full review

Hell's Finest

bob leggett · June 17, 2019 certified reviewer
The show is well written by Ashlynn Judy, with an amazing cast of characters, including my favorite, “S,” played by the effervescent Melissa Cindric. It felt like a mash-up of Riverdale and Sabrina, and was a huge hit for the millennials in the audience. ... full review

How to Adult

Come learn the easy way by watching people learn the hard way.

SACRED FOOLS brings 3 new shows to HFF19

A devised adaptation of a Greek classic about corruption, weakness & power; a hilarious tale of a highly-trained marksman/history teacher; and a heartwarming comedy about an overbearing stage mother and her hapless son attempting to stage a comeback