The One-Man Improvised Musical

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 uncertified reviewer
This was hilarious beginning to end. Improv always impresses me, as I’m not one to be able to think of things on the fly, but a whole musical off of one phrase? Excellent!... full review


amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
I found this show quite unique-breaking the fourth wall with an actor who actually an audience member made the show interesting and comedic. It brought to light the differences between acting and directing/writing, different styles/talent levels of acting, and what acting means for different people. ... full review

Lincoln 2020

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 uncertified reviewer
This was one of my favorite shows of the Fringe. It was smartly comedic, and had two different endings depending on who the audience voted for, which was great! It brought to light some of the many crazy changes and different expectations when it comes to politics today compared to the 1800’s. ... full review

Fight Song!

amanda lainberger · July 09, 2019 certified reviewer
This show is such an interesting take on what happens when you die-heaven/hell/the in-between? It also raises the questions on what it’s like to live in a religious setting and how hypocritical that way of living can be.... full review

mandy picks a husband

rebecca prephan · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
Amanda showcased a fabulous performance. She is funny, talented, and relatable."Many picks a husband" was laced with stories and truths brought forward with humor, song, and dance. This is a show every girl, and woman should see! ... full review

Naked Onstage

anonymous · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
Very well done and very hilarious to watch. Kent makes his show very entertaining, but at the same time he is brave at revealing his vulnerability and insecurities he dealt with throughout his life. Very fun, inspirational while powerful, reflective at the same time. ... full review


beth ann porter · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
This was delightful, fun and very well produced show. I was entertained the entire time and impressed with each song. It will move you and delight you and leave you pleased and on a high note. Truly fun for all!... full review

Meet Me In Mizzery

jonathan tipton meyers · July 08, 2019 uncertified reviewer
A hilarious batch of separate characters from the mind of an immensely talented sketch performer. When not laughing, I was also teased with a sense of their underlying humanity, which I enjoyed even more. ... full review

Princess Magic's Trash Time Revue

janelle luczon · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
Holy shit, what a funny and FUN show!... full review

Pit of Goblins

janelle luczon · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
"Pit of Goblins" is a thrill ride from start to finish. Mitchell Bisschop brings humor and horror to the stage in new and surprising ways. I was mesmerized by so many elements of the show. This piece is a stand out of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and an exceptional theatrical production. ... full review

The Last Croissant

ben hethcoat · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
This show far exceeded my expectations (and they were high). I had an absolute blast from start to finish. Wonderful!... full review


brooke derosa · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
Funny and heartfelt multi-character one woman show. Great music. Showcased the performer (Alena) really well and allowed her other talents to shine as well (she is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist).... full review

Paper Trails

anonymous · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
I loved this show! Three different stories, three different performances all tied together through paper! Really makes you stop and consider how important our words are, and the lasting effects they have. I particularly loved Snow. The actors were so natural. It was as if we walked in on their day at work. They had a very natural banter about them, and the coffee bit was hilarious. There was a effortless energy between the two actors, like there was this really funny build to the climax- but I do... full review

Double Feature: The Original English & Murderfuck

anonymous · July 08, 2019 certified reviewer
I loved this show!... full review

Love, Madness, and Somewhere in Between

harry karp · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
Childhood traumas fragment the personality of Jimmy in the solo show LOVE, MADNESS & SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN written & performed by James Cox directed by Trace Oakley. Some things are too broke to fix. Some wounds don’t heal. A flashlight will light up just enough of the darkness. Youth gives away to adulthood. The human shards age independently. As a barista racing to get through our morning duties Madness clamors for caffeine before opening. We laugh with the fragment become a successful stand-u... full review


stephen box · July 07, 2019 uncertified reviewer
This production is outstanding on so many levels! The script is clever, silly, witty, poignant, tender, and challenging! The message addresses shame, guilt, baggage, acceptance, inclusivity, choices, priorities, and freedom. The performance was ambitious, brave, inspiring, and absolutely entertaining plus they delivered a powerful message with a gentle touch! Congratulations to cast and crew for creating an amazing experience! Totally Sweet! Bravo!... full review

Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse

christine deitner · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
This was a delightful surprise. I honestly don't like reading too much about shows before I see them and initially feared we were going to be asked to watch an actress portraying Olivia Wilde in one form or another. What we got was a witty take on the apocalypse that pokes fun at celebrity while it celebrates ... full review

To Richard!

christine deitner · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
A beautiful production in every possible way. The script is fantastic, the performances are electric and emotional and make us feel like we are spying on a private conversation - exactly what theatre is meant to be. ... full review

Pit of Goblins

jonathan tipton meyers · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
What did I just see? Was it a sly, satirical take on the hardships of a serial killer? Free will vs. fatalism? A salute to Dolly Parton? Yes! Twisted, dark, perverse, heartwarming, with matter of fact moments of lunacy, Mitchell Bisschop threads absurd premises and moment to moment reality together with a sense of play. The result is invigorating while simultaneously making you ask "WTF am I watching?" I can't wait to see his next show. My favorite Fringe show this year. ... full review

Cave Girl the Musical

anonymous · July 07, 2019 certified reviewer
Glennis is absolutely magnetic from beginning to end. She is endlessly versatile and really brings us on a full-scale journey.... full review