Hey Mom, Can You Pause the TV?

brian eckert · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Ava has such charm and presence onstage it's impossible not to like her. Great comedic timing and exciting concept of getting to know her though her abandoned personalities and staying care from and for her mom. ... full review

Two Weeks

christopher chianesi · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
A compelling look into a couple's relationship and the intricacies that affect them. ... full review


christopher chianesi · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
A great balance of humor and drama.... full review

A Shark Ate My Penis: a History of Boys Like Me

brian eckert · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
It was a delightful time spent with Laser. The show creates a joyous space to laugh, think, and share in personal stories all wrapped up in history. Clever and fun songs too!... full review

Runaway Rue

meghan sylvester · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
“Runaway Rue” is a charming family friendly show that will have adults and children rolling with laughter alike. The puppetry and songs are so charming and catchy that you will find yourself humming the songs as you leave the theater and wanting to come back for more. The message is about finding your home in others instead of a place, which is a lesson all of us need reminding of sometimes. ... full review

Hedda Gabler

patrick chavis · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
8 out of 10 – Good Show! Click the link below to learn more: https://latheatrebites.com/hollywood-fringe-2023-hedda-gabler-broadwater-review/... full review

The Movement You Need (a work in progress)

chris farah · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
I think every fringe solo artist this year gets a chance to see two shows by Brendan and watch someone with incredible technique, grace, and confidence showcase a show he's done for years and this show, a workshop. For me, it's inspiring to watch someone work seemingly without fear or insecurity, connect onstage with a story and let it unfold in whatever manner it's going to that night. There's a freedom that Brendan exemplifies in this work, and it's perfectly fringy. ... full review


chris farah · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Gail is a brave and vulnerable storyteller with heart. Her story is at times relatable and also unlike anything I have experienced. ... full review

M.A.D.D. About The Boy

hal cantor · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Roni is an energetic force of comic nature. Fun, fast-paced show. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like PINK, and FUN, and WITTY dialog... you will be MADD ABOUT THE BOY!... full review


dylan wallace · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Creator David LeBaron expertly takes you through four unique tales centering on the vast emotions we experience in the queer world shown through the lense of the fantasy world.... full review

GETTING THERE! Rebecca O'Brien @Hudson Guild

patrika darbo · June 08, 2023 uncertified reviewer
It is a show about connections for me. It is about a friend's journey. It is a play of reality. A story about observation, understanding and surviving.... full review


mandy rubeli · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Chance is an incredible movement actor. Every movement he made felt strategic and it made the space feel so alive. He had such powerful energy on the stage, making the apartment seem even more small and dreary, like it couldn't hold in such a big force. If you're looking to watch an actor seriously command the stage, this is the show for you!!... full review

Empathy Party

kelsey harper · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Ariel's show is a muuust see! The stand up is on point, the vulnerability is on point, the music is on point. Ariel is a captivating performer and weaves together such a lovely and interesting and funnyyyyy show!... full review


eloise coopersmith · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
https://giaonthemove.com/2023/06/08/hff23-patient-13-reviewed/... full review

Breakup Addict

derek tumolo · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Just awesome, I laughed, learned some things, thought about myself. Paige is a force on the stage, and really inhabits all the characters she's created. ... full review

Les Millénniables

lauren fields · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
An absolute blast of a show for anyone who loves Les Miserables and/or hates being a Millennial. LES MILLÉNNIABLES invites you in with winning, earnest performances, hilarious parody and jokes, all of which make you think -- and care -- about the issues at hand and the human beings grappling with systematic oppression and economic inequality on stage and in real life.... full review

The Queen of Bitcoin: The Rise and Fall

anonymous · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
I loved THE QUEEN OF BITCOIN! It's much better than CATS! I'd go see it again and again!... full review

This Was Never Supposed To Be A One Woman Show

maddox pennington · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
An incredible accomplishment—Samantha’s vulnerability, honesty, and grace bring the audience on a humorous and heartfelt journey alongside her. Finding the humor in loss and trauma, presenting it with so much compassion for herself and Brit, and the audience, helps us come through our own experiences with more empathy and stability. I’m so appreciative of the time I got to spend with Samantha, her guardian angel, and Brit, her comedy partner and right hand lady in absentia. ... full review

Dream Big

holly mcneill · June 08, 2023 certified reviewer
Loved this show! I can totally see why it was selected for Pick of the Fringe. All of it is well done from writing to acting to directing. BRAVO!! The story was entertaining yet speaks to struggles that can be all too common. I'd see this one again!!... full review


anonymous · June 08, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Very fun show. The actors were uniformly good and the characters were funny. Fast paced. They got great reactions from the audience.... full review