Made In America

tatum langton · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
An absolutely PHENOMENAL performance! I could not take my eyes off Teruko. She was truly born to be on stage. She tells her story so genuinely and with delightful humor. I feel privileged to have been able to see it. ... full review

Not That Illegal

anonymous · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Last period, I got so impressed when the officers visited them. They were just friends but look like a family. ... full review

Rock 'n' Roll Heretic

stephen kelley · June 28, 2022 uncertified reviewer
Intense examination of artistic survival in the cutthroat world of the making a living playing live music. The cast was outstanding in presenting the complex musicality of Sikivu Hutchinson's dialogue and the battles within the band while trying to survive on the road. Newcomer Alma Schofield and solid performer Phillip McNair beautifully render the complex relationship of two aging guitarists trying to keep it together in the twilight of their careers. Brenda Eager is a ghost, and this ghost can... full review

Tommy and the Brothers

tom kieran · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Very well written, produced, directed, performed.... full review

The Shape of Me

shaun duke · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Off the charts! It was very eye opening for me. I had never considered much of what was explored.... full review

Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

michael ortiz · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
My first impression was, "what is going on!?" I mean that in the most kind way possible because I can't remember the last time I went to a play. But, as it went on, I genuinely fell in love with each cast member and their talents! The story was great (a little biased because of my love for Motley Crue), and I felt quite satisfied as a viewer. Very captivating. You guys definitely made my Saturday night. Thanks! ... full review

Trust me, I'm from Essex

caridee english · June 28, 2022 uncertified reviewer
This show was INCREDIBLE. Not only was it fast moving and completely engaging, everything hit perfectly. The minimalist approach to a one woman show had an incredibly mighty effect. This and her talents all made for her incredible lyrics, story telling and creative story. It was equally as touching as it was funny. A bit of culture and relatability. The way life shapes us, and with the best to come, came through in this play. Must see must support! ... full review

Noor Inayat Khan: The Forgotten Spy

yusuf yildiz · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Fast paced, thought provoking, innovative solo play that leaves you wanting more.... full review

Terraforming Marginalized Voices

yusuf yildiz · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
This show was meaningful and poetic with some amusing and humorous breaks. Technology driven world and its impact on human beings and how poetry can bring us back to our humanity were explored skillfully . The audience participation section was simply beautiful. We've all heard great poems and a touching narrative.... full review

The Legend of D.C. Colorado

nikolai berk · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
So much fun, so creative, and the songs are so sticky! Definitely a show you'll remember and music you may have stuck in your head for a while. So proceed at your own risk! The team succeeded in bringing something fresh to the Fringe stage this year. ... full review


richard lucas · June 28, 2022 uncertified reviewer
What a joy it is to hear our language constructed with such deft linguistic skill and wit, and the ideas—the basic principles of being a good people—which should have been and should be the driving concept of our founding and continual existence as a nation, put down in such a pleasant hour. Kearney makes it seem so easy. As Ingersoll, he keeps strict adherence to the typical 19th century orator’s presentational style. That doesn't mean it is easy because the thoughts are deep, and the intentions... full review


anonymous · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Absolutely incredible. One of the most well done shows I have seen in years.... full review


yusuf yildiz · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
A vulnerable and dramatic play skillfully portrayed by the actors. The reveal of the actual childhood video footage in the end breaks everybody's heart. Jeanette crafted a touching and effective story using her own life. Congratulations!... full review


yusuf yildiz · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
This show was so much fun. Not only I got to see a very entertaining show but also I got to perform in it. I was a bird :)... full review


robert broski · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
It had everything! Music, Singing, Lights, Action, Amusement.... full review

"Hot Stuff"

lexi staubi · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Perfection in a piece. Vape in hand, Aura Sublime fiercely enters the space as she navigates the inner chaos of her life. Taking place in her studio apartment, we see her and inner one unravel as she deals with her wants, men, and his loving whirlwind relationship with his Mother. Truly a must see..... full review


ashley mcqueston · June 28, 2022 certified reviewer
Loved it! I really enjoy waking into a play and thinking it was going to be one thing and it turns out to be totally different - always a nice surprise. ... full review

Looking Past Loss

gabi kimche · June 28, 2022 uncertified reviewer
I was so impressed with the acting and portrayal of various characters in this show. The way that the actress demonstrated transitions among characters and in time was remarkable. ... full review

Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

aditya putcha · June 27, 2022 certified reviewer
I am not even a fan of the band (I don't know a single song of their and the only member I heard of was Tommy Lee since he was married to Pamela Anderson) and I still loved this!... full review