Habla y te Salvas: True Stories of a No Sabo Kid from Queens & his Guayaco Dad

david pavao · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
Completely original story-telling style. Part stand-up, part story-telling, part audience participation, all parts heartfelt and memorable. ... full review

There's Something Seriously Wrong With Cyrus: How I Went From A Hot Mess To A Hot Bitch

david pavao · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
A thoroughly enjoyable, poignant and often hilarious journey of one man's coming out and coming of age story.... full review

The Border - a Russian anti-war self-confession

kevin mcgrath · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
It was a frank and disturbing presentation of what the Russian population is dealing with in this genuine, dangerous war that they are not even allowed to discuss as "war"! One can readily relate to the powerlessness of a populace burdened by government censorship, lies, propaganda, and the cost of trying to reconcile reality within the confines of the repressive worldview.... full review

Our American Tragedy

kylie buckles · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
Each performer showed range as performers beautifully! Everyone performed as beautifully as they were costumed. Gorg transitions! Fantastic use of the space! ... full review


cyrus deboo · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
What a ride! Loved traveling with Pam through the twists and turns of her story!... full review

"Where Y'All From?"

cyrus deboo · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
Deeply personal story that is expertly told with heart and wisdom.... full review

Tunnel Vision

anna brain · July 05, 2024 uncertified reviewer
1win JetX in Kenya... full review

Beautiful Monsterz

germain gosselin · July 05, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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"Lynnette's Hollywood Cabaret Party!"

bradley bobbs · July 05, 2024 certified reviewer
Charming and great fun!... full review

Adventures in Caregiving

charley karlotta · July 03, 2024 certified reviewer
The show is very relatable to those of us who have been a caregiver to a loved one. David's journey is more extreme with having to care for more than one family member within a short span of time. David told his story in a very touching as well as an interesting way inserting humorous moments.... full review

Approximately 900 Ft (Approximately)

teri mermer · July 03, 2024 certified reviewer
A very inventive storyline which kept the audience engaged and guessing. An extremely fun experience. I suppose the essence of a fringe-type festival.... full review

Lessons from Children's Books

janet locane · July 03, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Books... full review