This Way Yonder

marnie olson · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer
A charming script by Montana Cypress, clean and lean direction by Monica Martin and a powerhouse performance by Marjorie Knight.... full review


trina snow · July 17, 2019 certified reviewer


victor sotomayor · July 16, 2019 certified reviewer
I believe the show needs to develop the main character, Alfred the humanoid, from his primitive state to his update and experience once he left his owner’s home and returned a wiser (?) and enlightened (?) Humanoid. There was little to relate to since we only caught a glimpse of Alfred in the real world. Overall, good acting by Corduroy and Malachi yet the script could use more development, maybe a Humanoid 2.0 experience?... full review

Fringe Opening Night Party 2019!

anonymous · July 16, 2019 certified reviewer
It was an upscale Office Hours really. I paid for VIP but since I don't drink alcohol, it was pointless. It would have been worth it if food was included or I received a HFF19 tshirt, but otherwise, the $5 regular entry would have been the same value for me. I also mistakenly thought we received a professional photo but we took our own photos like everyone else. I think the VIP tix went more towards the beautiful venue.... full review

Let’s Write a Musical

wendy gilmore · July 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Simply delightful! I was smiling from ear to ear during the entire performance. I laughed, I cried. I left the theater thinking about the play all day long, not to mention humming the tunes the songs! Batter up and Pow!... full review

The Trial of Dali

robin wookey · July 16, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Outstanding. An interesting insight to this most celebrated artist portrayed by the most talented James Domeyko. Perfect choice for the roll... full review

Ascend: When Myths Fall, Heroes Rise

sarah thermond · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
This show was highly entertaining and well-crafted. One of the best immersive theatre experiences I've had.... full review

Girl From Schenectady

mesha pesha · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
Oh my gosh GFS was AMAZING definitely a MUST see! I checked it out last night. Ayo blew me away with her performance! This was my first time seeing a one woman show. I was really impressed to see how she transitioned into each character she portrayed. She also caught me by surprise with her comedic ability. I was in tears from laughter! ... full review

Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door

heather dowling · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
Such powerful storytelling touching on so many of the complicated, personal and painful aspects of "growing up" to be a woman. Told with extraordinary honesty!... full review


heather dowling · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
A funny and surprisingly deep examination of the culture being fostered online by self-appointed gurus and ego-maniacs and the negative impact all that noise can have on very real people. ... full review

If We Run

jesse porter · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
A taut, engaging one-act with authentic dialogue, genuine laughs, and a slew of surprisingly relatable moments. A master class in how to nail that elusive cross-section of efficient storytelling and true emotional impact.... full review

Loose Underwear

elinor feldman · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
Dagmar Stansova’s, “Loose Underwear” is performance magic! She entertains, she touches, she transforms. I laughed, I cried, I left healed.... full review

My Trans Wife

spike dolomite ward · July 15, 2019 certified reviewer
Heart felt, honest, and endearing. Mimi and Mara make one of the most complex issues of our time very relatable by distilling it down for us so we can see their story through the lens of love, humor, and some really good harmonica.... full review

I Am Not A Man

anonymous · July 14, 2019 certified reviewer
I was really was impressed with the title that got my attention.... full review


matt ritchey · July 14, 2019 certified reviewer
FERTILE is a study in how to do character work in a solo show right. Not only is the structure of the show tight and moves flawlessly, but Heather Dowling creates scenes between two (or three) distinct people and takes her time shifting from one to the next as they communicate. Her timing is perfect and her characters are always honest and never rushed. The show is a terrific blend of comedy, tragedy, drama, and inspiration and Heather is a tremendous performer. Can't wait to see her next proj... full review


alex rasmussen · July 14, 2019 certified reviewer
The show was smart, funny and earnest. I thought it brought a fresh perspective on modern dating that didn't feel overly fatalistic. Overall I had a great time, and I'm not usually a huge musical person.... full review


ray carsillo · July 14, 2019 certified reviewer
Poignant and powerful, Fertile humanizes and puts into perspective the kind of conversations lots of millennials and Gen-Zers are having with their families and friends now when it comes to starting families of their own: that it just isn't as easy as it once was. Myriad reasons affect people of all types and Heather's terrific performance of all the characters she's created tugs on your heartstrings one moment with its realness, and then makes you laugh the next when you realize how absurd some ... full review

Dogs: The Musical

gerardo herrera · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Great cast, funny songs and killer moves ... full review

Rory & the Devil

susannah snowden-ifft · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
Fantastically well written and acted, compact and cozy in use of space, time and story. It drops you into an unfamiliar world yet within minutes you feel so comfortable with these characters and who they are that a short-hand or a simple gesture conveys just as much information as a long-winded exposition. The beer might've helped with that too.... full review

Mr. Yunioshi

jennifer chun · July 13, 2019 certified reviewer
This wonderfully multilayered comedy made me laugh, and then it made me want to cry because the subject matter hit me close to home as I am the mother of two CeltoKorean daughters who struggle with the subtle undertones (and not so subtle undertones) of racism in their daily lives and careers. The tongue in cheek humor was brilliantly rendered - a real Fringe delight. ... full review