Food For All

juli maribell · May 23, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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this world is for the frat bros

anonymous · May 23, 2024 uncertified reviewer
My overall impression of Mahjong is positive, but there are areas that could be improved. These include accessibility for newcomers through tutorials, enhancing online connectivity, introducing new game modes, offering customization options, and providing comprehensive learning resources.... full review

How the Game Got You

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Romeo & Juliet

anonymous · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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Japanese Love Story - Shizuka -静御前

anonymous · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer
“Japanese Love Story – Shizuka,” written and directed by Tomoko Karina, is a beautifully crafted production that transports the audience to 12th century Japan with its rich historical narrative and stunning visual aesthetics. The play, a 2020 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship winner, tells the tragic love story of Shizuka-Gozen and Yoshitsune Minamoto with elegance and emotional depth, making it a memorable and captivating experience. ... full review

Public Comment, a New Musical

anonymous · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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Gam3rs: the Play

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Teaching a Robot to Love (the Musical)

chatgpt svenska · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer
ChatGPT Svenska - Bästa AI Summarizer-verktyget Introduktion till ChatGPT Svenska I en tid där informationsflödet ständigt ökar har behovet av effektiva summarizer-verktyg blivit alltmer påtagligt. ChatGPT Svenska, baserat på avancerad AI-teknologi, har stigit fram som ett av de bästa verktygen för att sammanfatta texter på svenska. Denna artikel utforskar ChatGPT Svenska som det bästa AI-summarizer-verktyget och hur det kan hjälpa användare att snabbt och effektivt bearbeta stora mängder infor... full review

Morning Coffee

kristy dug · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer

Dancing to the Edge of a Cliff

anonymous · May 22, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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SMOTE THIS, A Comedy About God...and other Serious $h*t

insurance tax · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Playing with Orbeez guns in a group setting promotes social interaction and cooperation among children.... full review

Beautiful Monsterz

neil jiohu · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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Three Can Keep A Secret

zelda willson · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Critics are unanimous in their praise for this darkly humorous and twisted interactive crime thriller, where Gregory Crafts' brilliant writing and Jacob Smith's skillful direction create a riveting experience. David MacDowell Blue from Night Tinted Glasses applauds the fantastic cast for bringing startling nuances to the story, transforming what could have been formulaic into an engaging and laugh-inducing performance. Bob Leggett of Indie Voice highlights the exceptional delivery by Theatre Unle... full review

HFF24 Workshop #3: Budgeting & Fundraising

zelda willson · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
On Sunday, February 11th, from 7 pm to 9 pm, the Hollywood Fringe community gathered both in-person at The Broadwater and online via livestream for an insightful workshop on budgeting and fundraising for a Fringe production. This event, accessible on the Hollywood Fringe YouTube channel, also provided the option to request live ASL interpretation, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees. The workshop featured a panel of Fringe veterans who shared their extensive knowledge on navigating the fina... full review

2016 Hollywood Fringe Workshop II: Money & Promotion

zelda willson · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Attending the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Workshop II: Money & Promotion was an enlightening and invaluable experience for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the Fringe festival. Held on March 19th at the Hudson Theatres (Backstage), the workshop gathered a panel of seasoned Fringe participants and community veterans who generously shared their insider knowledge. The event was structured into an engaging extended Q&A session, where attendees had the opportunity to ask pressing questions ... full review

HFF23 Workshop 2: Budgeting and Fundraising

zelda willson · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
I attended the virtual event on February 12, 2023, hosted by Hollywood Fringe, titled "Budgeting and Fundraising for a Hollywood Fringe Production." The session, which ran from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm PT, provided invaluable insights into the financial aspects of putting together a successful Fringe production. One of the standout features of the event was the emphasis on financial information and the financial side of producing a Fringe show. The panel, comprised of seasoned Fringe veterans Joy Re... full review

Fringe Opening Party 2013

janet locane · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Amazing party!... full review

Barry’s “Gardening” Service

tnfkdg tnfkdg · May 21, 2024 uncertified reviewer


anonymous · May 20, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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HFF23: Opening Night Party

pamela mathis · May 20, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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