A Piece of Work

will james · March 16, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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That Old Black Magic

ganastin lasatin · March 16, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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25 Full Length Feature Films in 50 Minutes

will james · March 15, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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Beautiful Monsterz

househol delsewhere · March 15, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Have You Heard That This Little Town in Oregon Has One of the Nation's Finest Tulip Shows? Woodburn, Oregon, is a small town located in between the two larger cities of Salem and Portland. Located near the northern end of the verdant Willamette Valley, the town of slightly over 26,000 inhabitants has a temperate climate and a lengthy growing season. And while Woodburn has always been a center of agriculture, the town's tulips—which cover the slopes of a beautiful tulip farm every spring—are pe... full review

The Edge of the Universe: a Magic School Bus Musical Parody

will james · March 14, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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calvin duke · March 14, 2023 uncertified reviewer
A truly amazing and deeply personal adventure through the life of the protagonist and playwright, Eli, involving his journey as a gay man living in throughout the AIDS epidemic, and surviving the multitude of complications that followed. ... full review


calvin duke · March 14, 2023 uncertified reviewer
This show, like everything David Lynch does, gave me more than I could have imagined. This isn't just a series of Lynch references; it's a wild ride of a Lynchian story with every familiar element of everything you love about Davis Lynch as an artist. Even the most esoteric detail of his work is used rather than simply thrown in your face; it's a part of the story, and it's your story, and you are the story, and do you smell fish?... full review

Resilient AF: Rising to the Occasion

calvin duke · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Kamakshi is back. Let it all hang out as she invites us into her past, a past that most people can relate to in some way, where those who were supposed to have your back let you down or worse. She has a lot of courage. Several times, I was moved to tears, but even in the more serious moments, there were plenty of opportunities to laugh.... full review

Shubop-Dubay-Had: The No Matter Watt PreQuel

calvin duke · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
This message was profound and important. The audience's applause and laughter indicate a successful performance.... full review

Indians in a Box: Stories From the Indian Boarding School

will james · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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2018 Hollywood Fringe Town Hall II: Marketing

janet locane · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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Noor Inayat Khan: The Forgotten Spy

benth janes · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Euchre is a trick-taking online game with a trump in which four players compete in two-player teams... full review

Pain In My Asperger's

benth janes · March 13, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Five Nights at Freddy's is a series of scary video games in which the player is a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a family restaurant and arcade, during the night.... full review

Not That Illegal

will james · March 12, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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Shubop-Dubay-Had: The No Matter Watt PreQuel

anonymous · March 12, 2023 uncertified reviewer
An interesting yet bitter-sweet and hard-to-understand (at times) show. The beginning is dragging for a long, however, the story is catching and even funny! Especially the seven <a href="https://chi-nese.com/gemini-worst-traits/">gemini worst traits</a> the author mentioned were an interesting addition to this show.... full review

Just One Moment

will james · March 11, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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time line · March 10, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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So You Want to be a Vampire

maria mena · March 09, 2023 uncertified reviewer
Cuphead is a throwback to an older style of gaming. It's a run and gun game with cartoony visuals, but it plays like something you might have seen on the NES or SNES back in the day. The challenge level can be daunting at times, but Cuphead is also fun to play and offers up some interesting ideas that make it worth checking out if you're looking for something different than what's currently available on modern consoles.... full review


will james · March 09, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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Ravens and Writing Desks

janet locane · March 09, 2023 uncertified reviewer
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