REVENGE OF THE ROOTBEER: The Sequel To Night Of The Rootbeer

bart tangredi · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
There may have been choreography?... full review

Stranger Things 2: The Musical Tribute

darcy rose byrnes · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
Somehow the entire season 2 of Stranger Things was squeezed into a very short and very fun musical. Definitely worth seeing for fans of the show and anyone who likes sci-fi stories. While the show has it's fun, the actors play it for real which makes the laughs and the moments of silence much more satisfying. The staging is brilliant, I sat on the side and never once felt like I was missing anything.... full review

A Bit Much

debbie bolsky · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
A funny, enjoyable journey of a smart, self assured woman who comes to the realization that it is better to be yourself instead of what others expect you to be. ... full review

Tattered Capes

patty dixon · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
The show was funny, current and then surprisingly dramatic. Never a dull moment. ... full review

Sunbathe in Darkness

alfredo solis-fuentes · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
Brandon, Adam, and Drew have been working on this show for years and it really shows. The combination of the ridiculous narrative device and the teenage drama had the potential for problems but the writing and performances are so well crafted and executed that it totally overcomes that and it creates a wonderful experience that perfectly captures the essence of the time it’s portraying. Having seen the show more than once I can tell the show is getting better and better with each showing and I wo... full review


christine deitner · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
A fantastic ensemble makes this fantastical journey into a truly terrible town full of outrageous characters a fun experience with the potential for laughs. From false mustaches that just won't stay on to some of the best costume concoctions you can find, the cast morphs from one moment to the next, and in some cases, from one character to the next, with an ease that can make your head spin in pure delight.... full review

Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball

debbie bolsky · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
I'm a baseball fanatic (though not a Dodger fan) and this was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It is creative, interactive and fun! His passion and love for the game became infectious. If you want to spend an enjoyable hour at the theatre see this!... full review

Human Fountains

jiselle rivera · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
The strangest, most wonderful show I’ve ever seen!... full review

Saving Cain

christine deitner · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
The show delivers powerful performances that are absolutely mesmerizing in moments and it is definitely up there on my list of productions who should be commended for best use of a projector. There are some questions about the script that make me wonder whether I missed a beat for at least one character makes a pretty significant leap from one brand of faith into another that might not be fully earned. Though it is not news to learn that one instance of pain management in a person's life could ... full review

Stuff i think is funny and good

vanessa peters · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
An extremely smart and funny, well-written, well curated show. The pacing is wacky fast and keeps you constantly engaged. Emily’s dry wit, deadpan, silliness and innate comedic timing are so refreshing in a seriously over-saturated comedy world filled with flailing improv groups stretching for laughs. See it! These are really funny people doing actually funny material!!... full review

Meet Me In Mizzery

mike dowling · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
Lindsey Mallard is a next level comedic character actress, and she gives some of the funniest solo performances I've ever seen on stage. She EXCELS at creating characters that have just had enough of your shit... and I laughed out loud the ENTIRE time while she performed them. ... full review

Ascend: When Myths Fall, Heroes Rise

max maynard · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
I had a great time. The cast was compelling and the interactive elements of the play were very engaging.... full review

The Rat Mentalist

bella luna · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
This show was super fun and I LOVED it! Sprinkles the Rat and his pet Christopher T. Magician make a great team. The magic is impressive and the comedy is on point! Definitely a must-see at Fringe and beyond!... full review

Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball

mike dowling · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
Do you know anything about baseball? It doesn't matter because Brett Moore will know EVERYTHING about the game for you. All while being funny and charming at the same time. Batter Up! My Brain on Baseball is more of an experience than a show. Brett casually shows off his love for the game and his amazing memory for its history in a show that I kept saying "wow how does he do that?" Highly recommended. ... full review

Cirque du Giselle

mary ann van de car · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
I was quite enthralled with the crossover from ballet into aerial arts. All of the dancers used strong emotions in their presentations and I liked this very much. The technique in dancing and the telling of the story worked very effectively even with the cirque aspects. Choreography was varied and eye catching, with the added delight of the cirque presentation.... full review

Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse

alex skinner · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
A great comedic take on Hollywood culture from a dystopian lens. A funny cast that makes the most of an equally funny script.... full review

Butcher Holler Here We Come!

sebastian sacco · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
An amazing, original play. Clever use of lighting or lack there of to pull you into the story even further. Superb performances and captivating story kept you engaged from start to finish. ... full review

The Book of Briarshire

anonymous · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
Super funny and inspiring! Great performances and writing :)... full review

Bunny the Elf LIVE!

aaron eberhardt · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
This show is a delightful celebration of the enduring power of optimism, a positive attitude, and holiday spirit! Such an uplifting, must-see show when we are constantly surrounded by negativity in the media. Christi is a phenomenal performer and writer. ... full review

Pit of Goblins

giulia rozzi · June 25, 2019 certified reviewer
This show was so funny, so dark and so deep. It takes a very talented writer and actor to make you feel empathy for sinister characters and Mitch succeeded in this task. I highly recommend this show!... full review