Not That Illegal

yusuf yildiz · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere

🏆 Winner of the Hollywood Fringe Scholarship 2022 🏆

Nominated for the No Room in the Green Room Award, sponsored by MB Stage Productions, LLC

Ali Can, a Turkish immigrant, faces deportation, which will end his 12-year-long journey in the US, because of an abusive employer and unfortunate events. He teams up with his criminally inclined sidekick and law-abiding best friend to get over the hurdles USCIS and outdated immigrant laws cause in every step. Can love and humanity overcome and change the status quo? Will their friendship save them? Find out in this hilarious take on every immigrant’s most dominant and realistic fear.

Not That Illegal One-Act, which runs for 15 minutes, competed at the Strawberry One-Act Festival in NYC and received a Best Play nomination in 2019. This festival’s success led to 3 performances at the legendary Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre in 2020.

The feature length play tells the complete story in about 90 minutes and our team is excited to have its World Premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022.

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Production Team

yusuf yildiz *

playwright, producer, ali can

martin hardlund *

reginald humphrey

tiara kennedy *

joy michelle

alesha g *

laquita jackson

evan causey *

joseph doing

* Fringe Veteran