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LAILA ABDO certified reviewer August 08, 2021
First and foremost, WHAT INCREDIBLE MUSIC! This original work has such an incredible sound quality paired with an ensemble packed with pipes. What a joy it is to experience the energy of a live musical again! Even livestreaming from home, you feel right at home with the live audience to laugh along and cheer on our unlikely heroes. Two thumbs up!... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer August 08, 2021
I was absolutely enamored by this show. The performers were absolutely incredible, and the staging was above and beyond anything I ever expected. The choreography of the set and props with actors leaves so much to the imagination while also creating a realistic world in a fantastical setting. The character arcs are strong, and the music is well done (and even often, dare I say, adorable at times). I absolutely didn't want it to end.... full review
ERIK BLAIR certified reviewer August 10, 2021
It's a rare thing to have a Fringe show that is amusing, family friendly, well-staged and full of great performances. Gideon is that rare thing and it is beautiful to see live.... full review
DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE night tinted glasses certified reviewer August 24, 2021
Long ago I came to conclusion that the best dramatic medium to tell epic fantasy is not, in fact, film with all its amazing special effects, but live theatre with its power of imagination. Gideon and the Blundersnort is an example of why I feel that way. It relates a story in much the same vein as The Hobbit, and The Princess Bride, with more than a dash or two of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer August 16, 2021
tagged as: A GOLD MEDAL.
I laughed, I cried, it made me a better human being. (But mostly I laughed) The most flawless fun I’ve found at the 2021 HFF. A GOLD MEDAL. Full review to follow at ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 14, 2021
This show was amazing! What a great blend of comedy, adventure, and more comedy. I 100% recommend this show to anyone interested ... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer August 15, 2021
If there were to be a King of Hollywood Fringe musicals, it would have to be Michael Shapiro. 2019’s THE BULLY PROBLEM was a phenomenal Broadway-class project and his new Call to Adventure, GIDEON ANDTHE BLUNDERSNORP, follows perfectly. Shapiro’s shows always nail all the vitals – perfect casting, great directing and choreography, and (most importantly) laser-precision crafted story. With likable characters, funny dialogue, beautiful character- and story-driven songs, and a vulnerable and sweet heart, his shows always deliver. Direction and choreography by Matthew Toronto are spot-on (timing and delivery for everyone was impeccable) and the whole cast shines. The use of puppetry and Greg Craft’s lighting were wonderful. Incidentally, I saw t... full review
STACY DYMALSKI certified reviewer August 12, 2021
This is one of the best, most professionally done HFF shows I've seen. The production design is so visually creative, that it rivals what you'd see Off-Broadway. The acting is topnotch and engaging; the direction makes elegant use of the small space to give a sense of expanse terrain; and the writing is quick-witted, with clever double entendres that both entertain adults and amuse children. Like a Pixar movie this show's story is family-friendly without talking down to the audience. And it has a great overall message. ... full review
THEA RIVERA certified reviewer August 08, 2021
What a FANTASTIC cast! What an energetic ensemble and fun adventure of a show! The music was great! If at all possible SEE THIS ONE LIVE!... full review
TONY BALDRIDGE certified reviewer September 05, 2021
Loved the music and actors! ... full review