Erik Blair

I’m a writer, director, actor, improv performer and YouTuber who is actively looking for projects to be involved in throughout the Los Angeles area. With a B.S. in Theater (Northwestern) and an M.F.A. in Film/Video Production (USC), over 50 productions as a director and building & running a theater in Texas for 3 years, there isn’t a job in a theater that I haven’t done. So if you’ve got an interesting project, let me know!

This is my first time working in the Fringe festival, and I’m looking forward to the #Fringeships with great excitement!

Bar of Dreams LA

Tickets on sale now! Dive into the dreams of a peculiar bartender and his unconscious mind. In this 2hr surreal experience, prepare for delicious drinks and hilarious shenanigans — all with a dose of childhood nostalgia!

Wigfield - The Play

Wigfield – the can-do town that just may not!