Laila Abdo

Hailing from southern Illinois, Laila Abdo has now lived in Los Angeles so long that she has forgotten her age. She may be a CW teenager to the industry, but to her two-year old, she’s Mommy. Laila came to screenwriting because she wants to see more than the hijabi wife or terrorist’s mother. Instead, she loves creating self-actualizing, struggling, optimistic millennial women. As a multi-hyphenate writer-actor, she has produced sketches and pilot presentations. A UCB grad, Laila believes in utilizing comedy to lift up marginalized communities. Her current writing dives into the intersectionality of being Arab and American. With a mother from Lebanon and father from Syria, Laila wants brown girls front and center, women exploring possibilities, and children of immigrants to know their American experience is valid. Her short term goal is to get her work out there. The dream is to continue creating content she believes in and that illuminates the Arab American experience.