Norman Judd: A Life in Concert

thibauld soucy · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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Woman Without a Net: A One Woman Improv Experience

debbie ferrari · July 08, 2024 certified reviewer
Another great show. Melanie was a consumate pro, entertainer, and performer. I just wish we could have seen more! Having watched the social media feed, being able to participate in the "extended version" was awesome! Great job Mel!!! ... full review


shayla durbois · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Joe Coffey's one-man play "Bulger Boys" was simply stunning. Joe clearly did his research in crafting this narrative. He made full use of the stage, every action, posture, and movement, motivated by strong story purposes. This created a visually complex and engaging show to watch. ... full review

Revenge Of The Space Pandas by David Mamet

fas tax realty · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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Big Money

62club indonesia · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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The Wolves

rhaja bela · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
The Wolves" captivates with its raw authenticity and heartfelt storytelling. Set against the backdrop of a small town, the film weaves together the lives of its characters with depth and emotion. The cinematography beautifully captures both the scenic landscapes and intimate moments, immersing the audience in the narrative. The performances are stellar, particularly from the ensemble cast, who bring depth and vulnerability to their roles. Overall, "The Wolves" is a poignant exploration of human c... full review

Big Money

rhaja bela · July 08, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Big Money is highly positive. What stands out most is its seamless interface and user-friendly design, which make navigating and enjoying the games effortless. The wide variety of games ensures there's always something fresh to explore, maintaining an exciting atmosphere. The generous bonuses and rewards enhance each session, adding an extra thrill and making the gaming experience both enjoyable and rewarding. Big Money is clearly dedicated to delivering a top-notch online gaming experience that ... full review


jennifer shinn · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
I was astounded! Petru showed his experience of coming to America through his performance which included miming, one-sided multilingual dialogue, a plant in the audience, perfectly timed music to go with whatever was happening in the scene. Through trials and tribulations he made it here and did it his way. ... full review

Blacks in Space: The Fantastic Voyage

niki nader · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
A thoughtful, creative and playful commentary on existing social structures and the ways by which we're affected by them over time. This work showcased how trauma can be passed on through generations, but provides a lighthearted approach to navigating that trauma and coming out of it on the other side stronger as a result. I laughed just as much as I cried. Looking forward to Aaron's next debut! ... full review

The Funny Thing About Men

kelly etter · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
Insightful, Entertaining, Relatable, Funny, Heartwarming...Mandy is a delightful, engaging, talented creator & performer.... full review

Black Bastard

audrey cirzan · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
This show is pure excellence! Beautifully told, brilliantly acted, and beyond definition.... full review

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life, Sex, and Everything in Between

jonny perl · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
Ariella Salinas Fiore is a theatrical force, and has created a powerful, fun, and emotional one woman show that is a peak example of the medium. I hope that she brings it beyond Fringe, and that many more get to experience THE FAT GIRL'S GUIDE. ... full review

Hold Me Down

krystle k · July 07, 2024 uncertified reviewer
I don't usually watch musicals, in fact I avoid them, but I came to see Hold Me Down because the premise of a BDSM musical is intriguing! I loved this show from beginning to end. I would watch this again and again!... full review

Something Beautiful

brenna beaton · July 07, 2024 certified reviewer
Something Beautiful really captures the essence of womanhood; life, mother, love, and how we come home to ourselves. I was engaged thoughtfully the entire time with so many breaks of humor, and I could watch this production 100 more. I’ve always heard that good art leaves room for the viewer to see themself and I saw so much of myself here, my own heart and how I have healed from grief in my own funny mirrored story. Thank you :)... full review

Sexame Strip: The Naughty Puppet Cabaret Show

patrick noyes · July 07, 2024 uncertified reviewer
An all-around great time! It was the art of burlesque mixed with the art of storytelling mixed with nostalgia mixed with funny feelings about my arousal of childhood friends. My group and I loved it! 10/10.... full review

Norman Judd: A Life in Concert

fas tax realty · July 07, 2024 uncertified reviewer
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this world is for the frat bros

anonymous · July 07, 2024 uncertified reviewer
Set in a suburban neighborhood near <a href="">Flixeon APK</a> Skatepark, the story revolves around two teenage sisters, Christine and Aimee.... full review

Black Bastard

erron jay · July 06, 2024 certified reviewer
Fantastic. And worthy of all the accolades. ... full review

Change The Game

tnfkdg tnfkdg · July 06, 2024 uncertified reviewer

Latini-Duh!™: The Upside Down Latinoverse!

anonymous · July 06, 2024 certified reviewer
Well-done and powerful.... full review