Black Woman in Deep Water

Solo Show · makena · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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LICHELLI LAZAR-LEA certified reviewer August 17, 2021
Makena Hammond is a revelation in her one woman show. Not only is her beauty undeniable but she is most certainly one to watch due to her talent.... full review
MARESHAH DUPREE certified reviewer August 28, 2021
Black Woman in Deep Water is such an incredible work. I felt blessed by the words and inspired by the message. It is such a poignant piece grounded in truth and Makena offered the audience a vivid and emotional delivery every time. I was honored to bear witness to it as she embodied and depicted the legacy of Margaret Garner.... full review
JULIETTE LIN certified reviewer August 28, 2021
Just wow! Absolutely blown away by Makena's performance. She has such a commanding presence that demands respect, attention, and sheer awe. Wonderful directing and performing!... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer September 05, 2021
Black Woman in Deep Water written and performed by Makena Hammond, under Jane Fleiss Brogger’s, direction is a pearl whose value is reflected not in its size but in its perfection. ... full review
CONSTANCE JAQUAY STRICKLAND certified reviewer August 15, 2021
Black Woman In Deep Water was a breath of fresh air. As Makena floated onto the stage I was immediately transported to another time when choices came hard in harsh conditions for Black bodies. Makena brings us the powerful and heartbreaking story of Margaret Garner, a woman forced to make a horrific choice between a life of slavery or death. ... full review
CASEY ALCOSER certified reviewer August 15, 2021
I’ve never been more pleased with watching a solo performance - Makenna Hammond is an actress who takes control of the stage with a mighty presence and never lets it go. This is a story of courage, of autonomy, and of a deep profound love that runs through the veins of time. I cannot wait to see what this brilliant actress and writer does next.... full review
SHELLEY COOPER certified reviewer August 08, 2021
What a breathtaking and charming performance! She had me hooked before she even opened her mouth. Gorgeous storytelling and staging! The range of emotions she took us on was hugely dynamic! ... full review
LORINDA HAWKINS SMITH certified reviewer September 22, 2021
Powerful, profound and painful. One of many untold stories that need to be told. Thankful to Makena for performing this piece and giving life, breath and soul to this unimaginable real life experience.... full review
JO DELLAPINA certified reviewer August 30, 2021
tagged as: impeccable · masterful · original
Incredible... full review
ROBYN MIGEL certified reviewer August 28, 2021
tagged as: well acted · strong · women · powerful
This was one of the best solo shows I have seen. Wow.... full review