Mareshah Dupree

Mareshah Dupree is a storyteller, mover-shaker, innovator, and creator. As a black queer homeschooled preacher’s kid born and raised in Sin City, Mareshah has lived a life of perpendicular lines that have intersected to create the person they have become. Xe graduated high school at sixteen years old before going to Berea College in Kentucky to pursue a BA in English with a focus in Writing. Writer by nature and filmmaker at heart, Mareshah is a current graduate student and will be obtaining an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts in 2025. Mareshah’s work consists of a documentary, short films, a book of poetry, and a fictional podcast. They aspire for the art they create to be a vehicle for healing and change through expanding the minds and hearts of viewers. Their purpose is to leave a meaningful and worthwhile impact by creating art that invites those who experience it to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world, especially the higher power that is at work in and around us all.