Murder Blood Bear Story

solo performance · lucid dramatics · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ certified reviewer June 07, 2015
I simply cannot say enough good things about this show, but I'll try. This is storytelling at its finest. Katelyn Schiller is just a quirky, magnificent, ball of energy from the second you walk in. She is so vulnerable and transparent during the performance. The script is filled with some really gorgeous moments of symbolism and clever metaphors. This is a poignant show that challenges the audience to really decide where happiness takes focus in their lives. Are we looking for it in the wrong places? Does it take the shape of some monster that we fear? Do we ultimately end up biting the hand that we feed? Does it bite us? In the end, what is our life really worth living for unless we gave and recieved that happiness back into the world. Not... full review
MATT RITCHEY certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: Pick of the Fringe
I cried three times. I laughed out loud. This show reminded me why I love theatre and how I love it in a different way than I love movies and books and TV. The vulnerability and joy of Katelyn Schiller hit me in ways I did not expect and I learned things about myself and RE-learned things about acting after watching this show. Does all of that sound pretentious and like false praise? So be it. It's all true. See this.... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 22, 2015
katelyn, in murder, blood, bear story is like part nymph/faery, part dead girl (not sure why I'm saying dead girl, but that could be cuz it's other worldly and well...), who also happens to be a 'happy nut'. that being, she's searching for happiness... well, making others happy... and i find happiness an interesting topic. She transforms into several characters and as an actress and a person onstage, she's got energy up the wazoo and is a joy to watch. This show is poetic, energetic and doesn't necessarily spell things out which can leave a few questions, (and now that i finally reading the program I SEE and UNDERSTAND her influences... like anime!!!). As a performer, she's got the goods... and the voice (whadda voice!), the heart, and the s... full review
LINDY VOELTNER certified reviewer June 26, 2015
Loved this raw and fantastical take on the search for happiness. It is full of thought provoking comments you wish you could savor but must move on to enjoy the rest of what is offered. I also wanted blueberries. ... full review
BEN MOROSKI certified reviewer June 15, 2015
tagged as: luminous · delight · Amelie · surprise · life · whimsy · quirky · experimental · alive · unabashed
Luminous. A delight. An experience. I had no idea what to expect walking into a play about searching for happiness. What I found was lightning in a bottle. The writing here is razor sharp, the performance is daring and specific and unabashedly alive, the direction is rigorous and daring. A wonderfully quirky and experimental mix of story, song, dance and character that meld into something quite beautiful and truly moving. For anyone looking for a grounded comparison for a show that defies definition, its whimsy and zest for life bear shades of "Amélie." "Murder Blood Bear Story" is astute and keenly observed, yet steeped in the fantastic. Do yourself a favor and go eat some sunshine.... full review
SAVANNAH ACKERMAN certified reviewer June 20, 2015
Impossibly beautiful, joyous, wild, Katelyn Schiller is that rare actress that lives outside her own skin, comfortable in the very essence of the characters she embodies. She positively radiates energy. At times, her energy is so tangible it feels like sunshine on your skin!! Watching Katelyn envelop, devour and emanate this Murder Blood Bear Story is thrilling. THRILLING! Go now. Right now! Or whenever you can... just GO!!!!... full review
BRENDAN WEINHOLD certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: Happiness
Happiness sought and happiness found.... full review
STEVE TROOP certified reviewer June 21, 2015
I've been fortunate enough to get to know Katelyn a bit since Fringe started and her show did not disappoint in the least. From the moment she timidly (and hysterically) makes her way onto stage, up until the shocking ending, she kept the small audience in the Elephant Lab on the edge of our seats! Several different characters emerge from Katelyn's fertile mind over the course of the hour -- a pixie-like main character acts as our guide throughout, and I felt as if I was watching a female Harpo Marx who could speak during her part of the show -- that is, the chid-like innocence, wild antics and total committal reminded me a lot of Harpo's work. Since this character was the only one to interact with all of the others, she had to be so dist... full review
JENNY MARLOWE certified reviewer June 22, 2015
Katelyn Schiller is an amazingly skilled performer -- her performance was fast-paced, high in energy, and incredibly precise. Her fluency with the material was also much appreciated. The characters she created were funny, and sad -- they made me laugh out loud, and all broke my heart a little bit. There were moments (especially during the transition scenes, featuring the childlike character who holds the narrative together) where I felt a bit overwhelmed by method. But overall, this was a charming piece that sent me away with a smile on my face :)... full review
BELLA MERLIN certified reviewer June 23, 2015
tagged as: dynamic · Engaging · fun
This piece defies categorisation! Katelyn herself described it as a 'dramedy' - but it's part fantasy, part dream-play, part fairytale, part comedy, part myth, part cabaret. She glides easily from genre to genre, as much as from character to character. She sings, she dances, she breaks the 4th wall...the 5th wall...the 6th wall...and she whirls us into contemplation of what it means to be happy. It's a smorgesbord of theatrical experience! Brava!... full review