Breed or Bust

joyful raven · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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KIRSTEN LAUREL PRATHER CAPLAN certified reviewer June 12, 2022
This is a beautiful personal story that is well told, humorous and entertaining, while being so relevant in today's political arena about abortion. ... full review
LUKE JANELA certified reviewer June 25, 2022
tagged as: well constructed · Lively · timely · Potent
This was a moving show that took me along for its well developed arc... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY the certified reviewer June 24, 2022
tagged as: A GOLD MEDAL
This seems to me Raven’s greatest strength: that her forthright and direct approach to story-telling, with its heightened sense of honesty and effortless infusion of humor creates a sense of intimacy with an audience.... full review
AUSTIN NATION certified reviewer June 20, 2022
tagged as: transparent · Raw · Truthful
Great show, engaging, wonderful storyline, beautifully told... full review
RUBY MAREZ certified reviewer June 20, 2022
Gutsy! Daring! Vulnerable! Honest! ... full review
TROY MILLER certified reviewer June 20, 2022
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Joyful Raven's first-person exploration of her experiences with love, lust, abortion, and the notion of motherhood is a wonderfully intimate, funny, and touching piece of theatrical storytelling. She's a dynamic and infinitely compelling stage presence, and her story speaks volumes of truth at a particularly salient moment of societal discussion about abortion - something we all need to be speaking about. This is NOT a "downer" show - it's alive, energetic, and witty, which makes it even more resonant. Bravo!... full review
SARAH FINDLAY certified reviewer June 20, 2022
Engaging, entertaining, witty, timely, heartfelt, and relatable. ... full review
STEVE BUDD certified reviewer June 20, 2022
tagged as: solo show · drama · Comedy
Wonderful show! Joyful delivers a powerful performance, connects with the audience, and will make you laugh and cry. Her timing and delivery are impeccable.... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer June 19, 2022
tagged as: funny · powerful · Presence
A timely topic about abortion told in a very funny and relatable way. ... full review
ELLEN THOMPSON certified reviewer June 19, 2022
tagged as: funny · entertaining · honest
A funny and honest look at reproductive choice and the innate drive to reproduce.... full review