Kirsten Laurel Prather Caplan

I am a theatre actor, director, and writer. I first learned about the fringe in 2019 from a women’s writing group. I was so impressed with the fringe and my friend’s show. After directing 20 middle school productions, I decided to go back to the stage. I wrote my show, Lady Liber Tease, in 2020 with the soaring solo Community and Jessica Lynn Johnson’s support. I participated in Whitefire’s Solofest 2021 and won a “Best of Fest” award. I performed live streaming and am eager to join the fringe community and have at least a few folks in the theatre. I am so excited and honored to be creating theatre in 2021. This is my 50th birthday present to myself that I am excited to share with the awesome and vibrant community that is… Hollywood Fringe!