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Paper Trails

ensemble theatre · off the page productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 30 mins · United States of America

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ERIC SOBO certified reviewer July 05, 2019
Snow stood out to me as Smart & Funny with a well designed payoff derived from unique pacing. Everything I love about what Fringe Fest stands for Dear Diary also took a simple concept and did a great job of evolving it over and over to keep things fresh and intriguing. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 08, 2019
I loved this show! Three different stories, three different performances all tied together through paper! Really makes you stop and consider how important our words are, and the lasting effects they have. I particularly loved Snow. The actors were so natural. It was as if we walked in on their day at work. They had a very natural banter about them, and the coffee bit was hilarious. There was a effortless energy between the two actors, like there was this really funny build to the climax- but I don’t want to give too much away. I also just had no idea that this was even going on in our administration! Overall- the acting was solid the stories were intriguing and I throughly enjoyed myself!... full review
ELYSSE APPLEBAUM certified reviewer July 01, 2019
tagged as: nostalgic · funny · heartfelt
I enjoyed this show! Great performances and stories. ... full review
JP WOHL certified reviewer June 28, 2019
tagged as: Funny witty current
Really enjoyed Paper Trails! Overall, I thought each piece was well done but I preferred the last one titled “Snow”. I thought it was a witty, current and well acted piece. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT indie voice blog certified reviewer June 25, 2019
tagged as: brilliant · short plays · comedy
I have done administrative work all of my life, so this play intrigued me from the start. The fact that they could present three complete plays in only 30 minutes was a major coup, and all three stories were truly relatable. Hats off to Off the Page Productions, which has presented these three amazing stories.... full review
NATHAN BARTLEY certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: endearing · sweet · funny · personal
I thought that the show was incredibly delightful, and demonstrated the range of "stories" and "records" in what they mean to different people. Each play was paced really well so there was a lot to think about and appreciate, but they didn't overstay their welcome. It was so good!... full review
HEATHER DOWLING certified reviewer June 24, 2019
This is such a lovely example of how powerful storytelling can be - even in short bites! This was a wonderful 30 minutes. ... full review
GRACE JASMINE certified reviewer June 23, 2019
Intelligent writing, topical subjects, wit, sensitivity and charm make these short plays within a play a wonderful choice. ... full review
KIM PARAISO certified reviewer June 23, 2019
tagged as: provocative · touching · witty
Three one act plays centered around the theme of how we record and interpret the past. Each play explores how we draw upon these records to define our collective and individual histories. Very well written and extremely well acted.... full review
STEPHANIE LE certified reviewer June 22, 2019
A beautifully written series of short acts that made a powerful impact.... full review