The Color Collective

the pack theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere


The Color Collective is a comedy variety show featuring women and POCs in everything from music and dance to stand-up and sketch comedy, The Color Collective strives to be a show for all people, where we can tackle topics that typically aren’t (or can’t) be covered by others. Our goal is to make the audience laugh and see past our color or gender and to be sure that the point of view of minorities and women are always heard.

Inspired by In Living Color, Chappelles’s Show, and other variety shows of the past, we show that smart, unique comedy can come in all shades. We want to highlight artists that may not always get the same spotlight as others of a different color or gender.

Executive Producer: Royce Shockley
Directed By: Mirage Thrams
Head Writer: Stacy Rumaker
Assistant Director: Sean Michael Boozer

Produced By:
Richee Aaron
L.A. Abbott
Corinne Chooey
Diana Varco


Production Team

* Fringe Veteran