Coasterthon Catastrophe: An Amusement Park Musical

jingle productions · Ages 8+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ certified reviewer June 18, 2018
My overall impression? I had a blast. A freakin' blast at this show. Spencer has fully embraced his artistic choices and the limitations of the festival. It is all encompassing: A stage manager that calls him out before, during, and after the 45 minutes spent in the theater. Actors that completely let loose during the show, challenging the concept of the play itself during performance. A concept and plot so grand, as two frenetic, haphazard actors twirl between roles with absolute misdirected commitment, with dialogue that raises so many questions with each scene that It can't possibly answer them all by its conclusion... wow. It's a trip. I had to look at the back of my hand during the show to confirm that what I was watching was realit... full review
LAURA JO TREXLER uncertified reviewer June 02, 2018
It’s a fun show! Quick 45 minute piece that’s simply a good time!... full review
LANESSA LONG certified reviewer June 12, 2018
tagged as: fun · funny · musical comedy
A fun and entertaining show! Love the idea of using the whiteboards to distinguish each character. ... full review
NATHANIEL BEAVER uncertified reviewer June 03, 2018
I loved this show! Great "FUN WORLD" type music! The cast all had good chemistry & energy, and the breaking of the 4th wall/improviness of Spencer stepping out of character a few times to "correct" the characters felt very believable, and it was an entertaining way to basically let the audience know that they are in on the joke that this is a show and just to have fun & enjoy the ride, as you would at an amusement park. This show does not take itself too seriously in that regard, and is just a family friendly "Beautiful Day" (as their song says). Well Done!... full review
CHRISTIAN KLEIN certified reviewer June 08, 2018
tagged as: fun · light · goofy · enjoyable · catchy songs
An enjoyable, light-hearted romp with catchy tunes and a great cast that knows how to just have fun with it!... full review
ADAM BRIGGS certified reviewer June 09, 2018
tagged as: fun and joyous · quick · CUTE
What a fun, energetic piece of storytelling! Clever.... full review
BILLY RAY BREWTON uncertified reviewer June 11, 2018
A fun 45-minute musical for all ages that really just exists to make the audience have as much fun as humanly possible. ... full review
MARTIN RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 11, 2018
This was so much fun! The chorus did a great job playing the various characters and the main two actors did a great job singing, feeding off each other and the crowd's energy, and being the glue that kept the show running smoothly. This show broke the fourth wall and did so effectively. This is what a fringe show should be and how fun one should be too. The music and lyrics were also written well. Congrats! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2018
I think the music was fun and the two ensemble members were fantastic. Brett was solid and Griffin was lively and energetic. I wish the "flubs" and derailing of the show was clearly more purposeful instead of seeming like the actors really were messing up. At some points, the flubs were uncomfortable and awkward. ... full review
AI YOSHIHARA certified reviewer June 12, 2018
This is a must see show!! I couldn't tell how much was improved or scripted. There were so many spontaneous and hilarious moments, but there was a good story line. The casts were having fun and audience were having fun! The entire show had great energy. I left the theater with the feeling of the show made my day! ... full review