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Coasterthon Catastrophe: An Amusement Park Musical

jingle productions · Ages 8+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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June 03, 2018

What I liked

The song about Best Buds! But really, ALL of the songs worked very well taking us through the ups and downs (and upside downs) of this amusement park “catastrophe”.

What I didn't like

I really cannot think of anything that needs to be improved. I don’t think the show needs to be “tighter”. Please don’t lose the improv, audience interactions, and breaking of that 4th wall! It worked!

My overall impression

I loved this show! Great “FUN WORLD” type music! The cast all had good chemistry & energy, and the breaking of the 4th wall/improviness of Spencer stepping out of character a few times to “correct” the characters felt very believable, and it was an entertaining way to basically let the audience know that they are in on the joke that this is a show and just to have fun & enjoy the ride, as you would at an amusement park. This show does not take itself too seriously in that regard, and is just a family friendly “Beautiful Day” (as their song says). Well Done!

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