House of Rabbits - Charivari in Voyeurville

praxis limited · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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JEFFREY WYLIE certified reviewer June 09, 2015
A must see, wonderfully executed on every level. (And how GREAT is it to see a Fringe show that is fully rehearsed/realized at its preview?!?!) It has set the bar VERY HIGH for this years big productions.... full review
ASHLEY PERRETTA certified reviewer June 08, 2015
Rock and roll commedia dell'sexté! ... full review
SARAH HARBURG-PETRICH certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: glitter · extravaganza · dark · gothic · sexual · spectacle
HOLY CATS, this show is spectacle for your spectacles! A twisted morality tale of sexual repression and minding one's own business, Charivari In Voyeurville calls out the outrage machine, family values, and the biases of the people in charge. A story told through some bitchin' metal, dance, unbelievable aerials, and rhyme, I cannot recommend it enough. Go to be dazzled and challenged--this is the tippy-top of bold, truly theatrical work. Personal Favorites: -the aerial duet (you will gasp and you might even cry) -the deconstructed disco ball -the Edward Gorey costuming and Donnie Darko masks -the ray of hope that comes from values based on compassion... full review
MICHAEL VITALE certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: sexy · Seductive · human · sad
A sexy trip into human nature that is equally seductive and intriguing in its scope. A must see!... full review
DAN KUBA certified reviewer June 12, 2015
I was extremely impressed by House of Rabbits' performance of Charivari in Voyeaurville. I did not know what to truly expect going in and was throughly impressed with all performances and the level that the show was done at. The show offers everything from great music to acrobatics and greek theater comedy. The only fault I could find is that I wanted it to be longer and a little more fleshed out with some of the characters, but they kept it moving and so jammed packed with content that it felt amazing. Would definitely see this again.... full review
HANNAH PELL certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: Stunning · masks · original · burlesque · CRAZY
WOW. First off, this show is visually stunning. The lighting, the costumes, the masks, the everything--it's all gorgeous. The choreography is incredible--there was this particularly amazing moment when someone was buried and (I don't think I'll be able to describe it) but it looked like he was slowly being pulled beneath the earth by the dancers' legs. So creepy and beautiful. There's also an unbelievable aerial silks dance with Stephen Beitler and Ashley Elizabeth Allen that is worth three times the price of admission by itself. And you can just feel how much fun everyone on stage is having. The audience was literally on its feet at the end. And I didn't even mind that it was standing room only and I was wearing heels, which says something ... full review
HAYLEY BROWN certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: sexy · fun · sweaty · Acrobatic · dance · live band · burlesque · mask
What. A. Rush. A sexy, gorgeous, acrobatic, high-octane, sweaty, sexy (yes, I said sexy twice) RUSH. My mouth was frozen in a delighted-jaw-dropped-smile thing the entire time. House of Rabbits whips the talented ensemble into a frothy frenzy with their hard-driving beats and commanding vocals. Cara Manuele is delightful as Lady Windowmirror with a strikingly clear voice that handles the rhyming scheme exceptionally well and carries us through our torrid tour of the lascivious deeds of Voyeurville's residents. Cloie Wyatt Taylor shines as Madame Lapin, all at once sexy, playful, graceful, and strong. It was amazing to see so many people on stage all fully owning their bodies and their sexuality, and having such a great time. Angela Lopez and... full review
LEIGH CURRAN certified reviewer June 15, 2015
I loved this show! Very Cirque du Soleil-like. The dancers/acrobats beautifully communicated the story with their considerable physical talents - Brandon's direction was as imaginative as his lighting. The choreography and costumes totally complimented the overall vision. The music provided the pulse. The only thing I'm sorry I missed were the lyrics to the songs - I'm sure they would have enhanced the story even more. Still this is a not-to-be missed theatrical extravaganza! Treat yourself!... full review
NATHAN TURNER certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Transfixed, I sat as my small grey corrugated little brain was snatched up and held deliciously hostage by this twisted, sick, hypnotic, raw, gritty, erotic masterpiece of a show. It was like being hit in the face with a shovel full of red velvet cake. It wants to hurt you and make you relish every ounce of it. This bizarre wonderland with its acerbically seductive cast never stopped moving for a single second. The stamina, the drive, the force of it....was like the actors were living out their last night on earth. I really don't know what to say. I mean, I just loved the fuck out of it. The aerial choreography in particular was literally jaw-dropping. And I don't mean literally in the figurative sense. My mouth was open... full review
KELLY D'ANGELO certified reviewer June 10, 2015
Excellently executed, this piece, with its commedia dell'arte backbone, plunges you into a strange, fantastical playground, full of naughty creatures and tantalizing tales. Each element is masterfully crafted, from the dance to the rock music, allowing us to fully indulge in the twisted dimension that is Charivari in Voyeurville.... full review