Sarah Harburg-Petrich

General maker of things, including plays as a (pick one) playwright, producer, stage manager, stage hand, board op, admin, fundraiser, general crisis manager. Also a fiber artist, generally knitting, crochet, teaching, and giving. Also a blogger, where I mostly make people laugh at my rage. Also a feminist, where I mostly make people rage at my laughter.

Mind-fu*k fever dream

Have you ever lived with someone and it didn't work out? Like a manic, time-jumping fever dream- Bobbie and August recreate all of their highs and lows of their relationship. Only, they have differing memories and perceptions of the events.

Anna St. Hesia Dreams

Anna is trapped in an anesthesia-related coma. Her only way out is to sink deeper into fantasy – a dark fairytale where people weave dreams into tourist destinations. When reality isn’t worth it, is fantasy the next best thing?