samantha moore · June 21, 2019 uncertified reviewer
Radicals is a play that I could see more than once. I genuinely enjoyed the journey that this play takes you on. Such a heartfelt story that delves into very real and relevant issues in today's world. The perfect mixture of drama, fun, and lively entertainment, all while stirring up thought-provoking ideas. I truly enjoyed every moment of Radicals, one of the best in this year's Hollywood Fringe Festival.... full review

Earth To Karen

lucy gillespie · June 21, 2019 uncertified reviewer
This was just delightful. A life-affirming treat. ... full review

Pho Girl

joy regullano · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
educational, charming, fun... full review

The Color Collective

joy regullano · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
funny, smart sketch show with a great stand up... full review

The Last Croissant

vanessa vazquez · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
I absolutely LOVED this show. It's just so delightful. It's so simple and it WORKS. If the actors were trying hard, you couldn't tell. It seemed effortless and just plain sweet and also really funny. The acting, direction, set design, music design, the comedy were all 10 10 10 10 10. Which is so rare these days, but I'd expect nothing more from the Attic Collective's head and the director on this show, Rosie Glen-Lambert. She is a perfectionist in her work and is really pays off. Conor Murphy w... full review

Bunny the Elf LIVE!

heather dowling · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
A funny, charming cotton-candy feeling from start to finish - with a surprisingly moving and emotional surprise along the way.... full review

Swipe Right: The Musical

jessie knowles · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
I had so much fun at this musical! I laughed so hard. I could relate, sometimes more than I wanted to! Definitely recommended viewing for all those who have seen the underbelly of internet dating. ... full review

LEAR / LOMAN - The Best of INK @Fringe

morna murphy martell · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Will meats Willy in this intriguing and dynamic play where two fabulous actors, playing theatrical icons who meet after death, wage contest. ... full review

Sex With Strangers

edson black · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
A really cool and fun dramedy that will keep you locked in the entire show .The chemistry between the two actors jumps out at you right away and they do a really great job bringing their characters to life. I didn’t go into this show with any expectations , but came out very pleased and impressed with the production .... full review


hailey hackett · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Chrysalis explored the parts of the human, mostly female, experience that we typically shy away from talking about. The performance was raw, honest, and captivating. Each performer painted a world and shared their experience with transition, sometimes merging worlds and taking time for comedic relief. Watching Chrysalis made all the silent battles women fight through their lives feel real and like they were important enough to be heard. As a woman, the show truly touched me. ... full review


ernest kearney · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer

Tabletop (the musical)

brian caelleigh · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Absolute brilliance in writing, staging, and performance. ... full review

Magic as Medium

micah cover · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Absolutely brilliant. Siegfried is a wildly entertaining, talented and charming magician. As a magician myself, I marveled at so many of his mystifying routines that I had never seen before - and I thought I had seen it all. A must see.... full review

Shiva for Anne Frank

marquita davis · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
A very enlightening experience. Rachel gave an absolutely amazing performance ! Learned so much about Anne Frank and the Jewish Culture! Highly recommend seeing and looking forward to seeing more of Rachel on stage, film, tv and online ! Truly touched.... full review

Naked Onstage

ayelette robinson · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Moving, heartfelt, funny, engaging, touching, and just plain superb.... full review

By the Light of the Moon

tracey paleo, gia on the move (official press) · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer


sydney kearney · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Pockets was SO funny. The tunes were catchy and entertaining and there was even a heart-felt moment toward the end of the show that tug on my little heart strings. Well done, Robot Teammate!... full review


will stephens · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Revealing, uplifting and totally hilarious. Jane’s honest telling of her marriage inside the Mormon church is worth price of admission alone; the fact that she tells her story with big laughs and unexpected emotional swings (there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end) makes this easily one of the best shows I’ve seen on fringe. Highly recommend!... full review


michael van duzer · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
Shapiro has the makings of a musical charmer that should play well in youth-oriented theaters, but it can still entertain older audiences. Deepening the characters, particularly the bullies, would add a resonance that could take the show to the next level. ... full review


matthew robinson · June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
A no holds barred thought-provoking piece of theatre that makes a lot of bold choices as it takes us through a philosophical questioning of our own purpose. Wisely the play does not give you a distinct answer which makes everything that transpires feel all the more surprisingly genuine and poignant. The performances are strong and the dialogue of arguments feels so authentic I wonder if it was pulled nearly word for word from real life. It was a play that affected many in my audience, who were ta... full review