School for Love

Cabaret & Variety · casper and pam · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere

Songs from Dear Evan Hansen, The Wild party, Lizzo and Britney Spears somehow tells the following story:

Sydnee has been a teacher at the school for Love for 10 years. She’s going through a nasty divorce and finds it tough to teach about love while her own love life is up in the air. A fellow teacher at school has been showing her some attention and she ultimately decides it’s time to move on from the heartache and try and find new love.

Parissa has spent her entire time at School for Love cultivating brains, beauty and popularity. She’s bored by the boys at School for Love and is only focused on being a school celebrity. After finding an unexpected friendship in a fellow classmate, will this ultimately change her priorities or is it hard to run from what you know?

Lucas is a good guy with a good heart who finds himself enamored with one of his classmates. Her rejections don’t phase him as he continues to strongly believe they belong together. When he receives a love letter from a mystery person, he is overjoyed and believes it to be her. Is it her? Or is it someone else and now he has to decide whether or not he can rid himself of the carnal desire he had towards his first love.

Pam attends School for Love reluctantly. While most definitely an outcast, she’s skilled at seeing special things in special people. One person in particular she can’t quite seem to stop thinking about and would confront them if it wasn’t for her severe confidence issues. Will Pam finally take her love life into her own hands or continue to love from afar in an unrequited way?

Hank – Hank is a music teacher at the school and has had his eye on Sydnee for some time. Out of respect to her marriage, he’s kept his distance and tries to be a friend. After some time, he may need to advance his affections or he’ll stay in the friend/colleague zone forever!

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran