Pam Eberhardt

(Penny, Judge, Writer) Pamela has been writing and producing plays and musicals since she was 17 years old in both Los Angeles and New York. Since 2013 Pam has been supporting organizations like The Innocence Project in their mission to exonerate those who are wrongfully convicted. Pam is delighted to premier this piece to the Hollywood Fringe Festival where she has been participating as a writer and performer since 2017. Her favorite Fringe works include: 13th Grade, The Runaway Clone (2018 Nominee for Best Musical), Wigfield, Most Likely To (2022 Nominee for Best Cabaret), School for Love (2023 Nominee for Best Cabaret) and Under the Influence (2023 Theatre Theater Nominee for Best Playwright). You can find her on the internet singing with her dog. Shout out to Bailey for often being the other half of my creative brain, Scott and Sacred Fools for believing in this show and helping guide it here, Tyler for taking all of this on with a smile and excited anticipation and Andy for not only putting up with Pam through all of this, but for celebrating her for all of this.