Boom, Headshot! A Geek Tragedy

Musicals & Operas · mb stage productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere


Boom, Headshot! A Geek Tragedy Book and lyrics by Scout Storey Music by Nick Morgan Direction by Jared Pixler A guild of close-knit, basement-dwelling MMORPG players takes on the apocalypse from the ephemeral safety of their avatars in “Boom, Headshot! A Geek Tragedy”—a rockin’ ode to gaming, online friendships, and acceptance told through song and synthpop… all with a side of pizza puffs. Mark, the team’s Headshooter and a recently transitioned young man, is beset with a quest for acceptance; Stan, GuildMaster, proves his might while wishing his life looked more like a video game; Clarisse, the Fighter, is finding her true self while kicking some serious a**; and Gladys, the Healer, is just trying to make everyone happy. Enter Henry, Mark’s Marine big brother whose very presence throws Mark and Stan into a heteronormative spiral, despite Henry’s best efforts to connect with his younger brother. This gaming-meets-musical theater extravaganza is tragic and bonkers—uniting everyone through heart-breaking and flesh-eating obstacles as the rules of the game slowly erode.


*Warning: Performance includes loud noises, sounds of gunfire, possible images of blood, gore, and death, and discussions of death. Flashing lights and stage fog/haze

**NOTE: The Sunday, June 24th performance is ASL interpreted for the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing. If you need this accommodation, please let us know when you purchase your ticket. 

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Production Team

barmey ung *

sound designer

ari kraiman *

clarisse, select performances

scout storey *


david evan stolworthy *

creative producer/scenic designer

tl forsberg *

asl interpreter

mona cedar *

asl interpreter

jared pixler (he/him) *

director/creative producer

gina de luca *

production stage manager

jesse fiene *

assistant director

dan scoville *

music director

makenna tynan *

costume designer/hair & makeup

katie lynn *

costume designer/hair & makeup

lacey shaw *

lighting designer

trinity alyse curtis *

clarisse, select performances

jalen moody *

henry, select performances

jonah robinson *

henry, select performances

* Fringe Veteran