Barmey Ung

Barmey Ung is a sound designer, composer, guitarist, and organizer based in Los Angeles but from Chicago. Barmey has a BA in music from the University of Miami in guitar performance and an MFA from The California Institute of the Arts in music composition. Throughout his career, he’s received various cultural grants from the city of Chicago and been commissioned to write music for classical ensembles such as Midwest Philharmonic Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra, and Gaudete Brass Quintet. Barmey also performed guitar around the states, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Cambodia, most notably with his old classical guitar rock band Kmang Kmang. Barmey also had a stint opening a non-profit community arts center in Chicago with electronic composer Benn Jordan (Flashbulb) and many other artists where they organized music, art, and dance classes and events in the south side of Chicago.

Now Barmey enjoys a quiet life in Los Angeles as a composer and sound designer for various media, such as theater, short films, and games. Notably, Barmey was composer assistant for Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) for the film Under the Silverlake.