Nick Morgan

Nick is a native New Yorker who got his start writing and performing music by playing in a slew of punk, ska, hardcore, and emo bands. He formalized his music knowledge with a B.A. in music composition from Haverford College and an M.F.A. in musical theater writing from New York University. It was at NYU that Nick met his collaborator, Scout Storey, and they put their quirky sensibilities together to write “Headshot: A Geek Tragedy”. Most recently, Nick relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 3 (soon-to-be 4) children.

Previous composer credits include “The Surrender Tree” at the Yale Cabaret, “The Drunken Boat” at the Duplex in NYC, and “Strange Love In Outer Space” at the New York International Fringe Festival.

Nick is thrilled to be working with MB Stage Productions to bring “Headshot” to life!