Sister from Another Planet

Solo Show · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show

“Are you a boy or a girl?” That’s what a couple of snotty eight-year-olds asked Nancy Beverly when she was a kid. It’s also what launched a journey of a lifetime. Boy, girl, man, woman, human? She didn’t quite fit in any of those boxes, so she began a quest of self-discovery. Come along for the ride as Nancy figures out who she is with help from spirit guides and Shirley MacLaine! This one-person show is made possible by Fierce Backbone’s Harrison Grant.

And here’s a review!

What can’t this playwright do?  Fans of Playwright Nancy Beverly know her as a wordsmith extraordinaire and consequently knew they were in for a fine theater experience when they showed up at the Zephyr Theater for her one woman show, Sister From Another Planet.  But we fervent followers of her work found that she was taking this show to new heights, in fact out of this world, as she deftly weaves her story from tot on a toilet through her years of questioning gender, sexual identity, and tumbling through her school years, work, writing and spiritual life.  This is no cliched coming-of-age narrative.  Beverly’s honesty and innocence shine through as she shares her unique journey to finding how and why to be comfortable in her skin.  The show is funny and moving.  One moment we are laughing with her as she wends her way through near misses in finding that first lesbian experience; the next we feel the pain as she travels to the stars and discovers a tragic past life that affects the present one.  No matter what you believe about the astral universe, you will believe a little more after this show, and a lot more in the author.  For in addition to the excellent writing we expect from her, we find she is an astute actor who uses her space on the stage well.  Her style is expressive, animated and always well-tuned to her feelings.  She leads us on and we gladly follow.  Her play is truly a gift to the community.  I hope others will get to see her show.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran