Sister from Another Planet

Solo Show · fierce backbone · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show
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PETER COLLEY certified reviewer June 12, 2023
My wife and I really enjoyed our friend Nancy's play - it was funny and enlightening - a fascinating personal journey about a search for identity. Very well written and performed. ... full review
JAMES BABBIN certified reviewer June 12, 2023
Nancy Beverly’s comfort with herself is apparent, as is her heart as she shares her story heart while sharing her story makes this one-woman show welcoming and inviting.... full review
JAN MCINNIS certified reviewer June 10, 2023
GREAT Story! GREAT Message! Lots of fun! Nancy tells her story in a humorous and relatable way with many "ah ha" moments. She is engaging and really lets you feel like you are with her on her ride, AND she offers some interesting "other world" insights. This is a really enjoyable play!... full review
LAURA HUNTT FOTI certified reviewer June 05, 2023
What a tender, loving portrait of growing up and coming into one's own. No blame thrown, no recriminations, just honest reminiscences of confusing times and how they all came together for the remarkable Nancy Beverly.... full review
PAUL ELLIOTT certified reviewer June 03, 2023
tagged as: nuanced
What a delight... a soft and loving journey through discovery of self by discovery the multiple facets of this universe. Nancy Beverly is a storyteller playing docent through her own life starting in a childhood of being questioned whether she as a boy or a girl and ending with the realization that labels confine her. She was happy just being her.... full review
JO DELLAPINA certified reviewer June 25, 2023
tagged as: sweet · funny · self discovery
I enjoyed this, it was a well edited and engaging story of someone trying to figure out who they are and fit in.... full review
MONA DEUTSCH MILLER certified reviewer June 23, 2023
tagged as: unexpected · well-performed · humorous · moving · funny
Humorous but very thoughtful, full of unexpected moments, tender, gentle, and extremely well-performed. Nancy Beverly connected very well with her audience.... full review
LASER WEBBER certified reviewer June 23, 2023
tagged as: stories · gender · aliens
One person's story coming to terms with gender and queerness in the 1970's and now, with the help from celebrity autobiographies and alien channeling! ... full review
MAURA SWANSON certified reviewer June 22, 2023
Thoughtful and charming! Nancy Beverly is a gentle and engaging storyteller who held my attention with her poignant and often very humorous lifelong search for identity. ... full review
ANN RYERSON certified reviewer June 22, 2023
The show was well thought out and structured and confidently delivered. ... full review