Nancy Beverly

I’ve been writing since I was knee-high to Mad Magazine (love dry humor!), and I’m also fascinated with “woo woo”elements so a lot of my projects incorporate metaphysical / spiritual / “out there” elements. My career started at Actors Theatre of Louisville where I had a slew of 10-minute plays produced. Here in L.A. I’ve worked in TV on such hit shows as Roseanne, Blossom, Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer. I found it more rewarding, though, to produce my own scripts, including the lesbian romance Shelby’s Vacation and the wacky web series The Calamities of Jane (starring collaborator Rebecca Klingler) — a woman of a certain age deals with ageism and sexism in Hollywood (imagine that!). Both projects got into a boatload of film festivals and garnered awards. My creative home for the past several years has been the writers / actors group Fierce Backbone where I develop my stage plays.