Apocalypse at the Rainforest Cafe

Comedy · students-california institute of the arts · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

Apocalypse at the Rainforest Cafe is an exhibition of celebration, love, laughter, sadness, death, anarchy, and devastation— everything that comprises this thing we call “life.”

When night falls, the secret lives of the workers and animatronic animals of the Rainforest Cafe are exposed, only to be interrupted by the Illuminati’s plot to take over the world. The top .001% of the rich and flawless are cleansing the world to leave behind only sunshine, lollipops, and rainbow slime. The Illuminati set their sights on the first-ever Rainforest Cafe, but little do they know that the animatronics are alive and ready to do whatever it takes to protect their home.

Donations to the Rainforest Trust will be made with any funds left over
at the end of this process. We aim to make real change by donating to saving Rainforests and the animals that reside within them. We also have a GoFundMe and Venmo (@ApocalypseattheRainforestCafe) set up for this purpose.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran