Gabrielle Milman (she/her)

Writer, Director, Actor

Gabrielle Milman (she/her) is a filmmaker, writer, director, video editor, and actor from San Francisco, CA, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is pursuing her passion for filmmaking at the California Institute of the Arts, where she is earning her Film/Video BFA. Though studying film, Gabrielle comes from a background in writing (publishing a book, editorial articles, and multiple short stories) and musical theater, having done professional theater at the American Conservatory Theater for three years. When she isn’t editing, writing, or directing her own films, Gabrielle watches other people’s films, cooks, hangs out with her friends, sings a whole lot, and teaches guitar. She wouldn’t be here writing this without the support of her family and friends. You can find Gabrielle on Instagram @thegabriellemilman, her YouTube channel (Gabrielle Milman), or at her website,